Planning Your Own Primetimers Event

Though the focus of a Primetimers trip varies from an UMVIM trip, planning a Primetimers-like event for your church is similar to planning an UMVIM trip. Because of the similarities, you will want to work with your Jurisdictional UMVIM Coordinator as they can help you identify resources available to you as a team leader.


  • Talk with fellow church members to see if there is interest in a mission study trip for older adults.
  • Determine whether you are interested in a community, conference, national or international project.
  • Look for an organization to connect with in an area where there may be educational opportunities as well as some element of work which is appropriate for the group.
  • Talk with the host and explain that you are interested in creating an educational study trip with educational components. (NOTE: The Host cannot be expected to make arrangements for these educational pieces. These will need to be coordinated by your church’s team leadership in conjunction with the host site.)

  • Determine the focus and the goals of the program that you hope to offer.
  • Give consideration to ways of building in diversity (cultural, racial, gender, etc.) in terms of both leadership and exposures/interactions.
  • Consider balance in the educational portion of the program, including: lecture, experiences with people and local culture, interactive exercises, small group discussions from a faith perspective, music or other arts, local museums, local tours of the area, cultural performances, discussions with a local advocacy group, quiet time for reflection, and worship.
  • The recommended amount of service or work during a 5-7 day Primetimers experience is roughly estimated at 5-20 hours, depending on context and conditions. Remember that the primary focus of the program is education and exposure, in addition to service.

  • Go over the schedule with your hosts to ensure that the work types you have scheduled are beneficial to them.
  • Work out final details with speakers/presenters.

  • Determine the size of the group that you hope to have.
  • Determine the length of the event and dates.
  • Consider the range of sleeping accommodations which your group can use.
  • Make sure you have a place where lectures can be held. (Is the local organization able to host your group for a presentation?)
  • Consider if accommodations are accessible for persons with limited mobility. E.g., does it include extensive walking, rough terrain, climbing stairs, etc.?
  • Consider how you will get to the various events and/or exposures. Make arrangements for any necessary transportation.

    In considering the costs per participant, consider the following:

  • rooming (any single or deluxe room supplements?)
  • food, including any meals that will be off-site
  • honorariums for lecturers
    It will vary based on setting, but we recommend: $50 per hour of presentation or $125 per entire lecture/ presentation (not to exceed $300 for the week in faculty) adding up to an approximate $700 educational budget total with $300 in cultural exposure/entertainment
  • translation costs
  • reading materials or duplicating hand-out materials
  • local transportation costs
  • service project materials
  • use of facilities, equipment, or administration

  • If you have questions, please contact:

    Primetimers Program
    Mission Volunteers Office, GBGM
    475 Riverside Dr., Suite 330
    New York, NY 10115
    Toll free 1-877-882-4724, or 212-870-3825

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