Primetimers Events for 2003

Primetimers is a United Methodist program for persons fifty years old and older, open to all persons, Methodist as well as non-Methodist. Primetimers events offer an opportunity for travel, education, mission service, and spiritual reflection time. To print a registration form, please click on Individual Registration, or you may request a registration form from:

Primetimers Program
Mission Volunteers Office, GBGM
475 Riverside Dr., Suite 330
New York, NY 10115
Toll free number 1-877-882-4724, or 1-212-870-3825

To keep updated by Primetimers group e-mail, please send a request from your preferred address to This will allow you to receive updates on the program as information becomes available.

Following are the Primetimers events scheduled for 2003. For an expanded description of a specific event, please click on the title.

1. MISSISSIPPI - "African American Art Exploration"
Event date: February 25 - March 2, 2003
Registration Deadline: January 12, 2003
Host site: Gulfside United Methodist Assembly
Location: Waveland, Mississippi
Cost per person: $425 (includes room, meals, local transportation, program and insurance)
Event code: 4GSA

2. NEW YORK CITY - "A Global Perspective on Current Issues: Understanding and Responding"
Event date: March 30 - April 3, 2003
Registration Deadline: February 14, 2003
Host site: The Church Center for the United Nations, 777 UN Plaza, 8th Floor
Location: New York, NY
Cost per person: $485 (includes double occupancy room, breakfast and lunch, local transportation by public bus, insurance, entrance fees and a "cultural day on the town" with a theatre experience). Single occupancy rooms are available for an additional $154 for the event. Three evening meals are not included in the charge.
Event code: 3CCUN

3. MARYLAND - "Francis Asbury, Robert Strawbridge, Francis Scott Key - Three Who Shaped America"
Event date: April 27 - May 2,2003
Registration Deadline: March 14, 2003
Host site: New Windsor Conference Center
Location: New Windsor, Maryland
Cost per person: $400.00 (includes housing, food, local transport, program and insurance)
Event code: 2NWCC

4. OREGON - "Gorgeous Gorge and the Cascading Mountains"
Event date: June 22-27, 2003
Registration Deadline: May 8, 2003
Host site: Alton Collins Retreat Center
Location: Eagle Creek, Oregon
Cost per person: $460.00 (includes housing, meals, local transportation, insurance and entrance fees). Participants must pay own transportation to and from Oregon.
Event code: 3ACRC

5. FRANCE - "The France You Never Knew - Faith, History, Cuisine and Culture"
Event date: September 15-26, 2003
Registration Deadline: August 1, 2003
Host site: Landersen Camp / Retreat Site
Location: 68380 Sondernach, France
Cost per person: $700, double occupancy with sink in room, shared toilets and showers; $775, single occupancy; $75 extra for bedroom with private shower and toilet. Includes meals, room and local transportation for event activities, program and insurance; transportation to and from France not included.
Event code: 1LCRC

6. NORTH CAROLINA - "Heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains"
Event date: October 26 - November 1, 2003
Registration Deadline: September 12, 2003
Host site: Hinton Rural Life Center
Location: Hayesville, North Carolina
Cost per person: $460.00 (includes housing, food, local transport, program and insurance).
Event code: 2HRLC

7. LOUISIANA - "Life on the Bayou Teche"
Event date: October 26 - November 1, 2003
Registration Deadline: September 12, 2003
Host site: UMCOR Sager-Brown Depot
Location: Baldwin, Louisiana
Cost per person: $450.00 (includes housing, food, local transport for events, program and insurance). Participants pay their own way to and from Louisiana.
Event code: 5SBD

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