Flood relief in North Carolina needs you

"Look Mommy, a fish in my room." These were the words that a young couple from Tarboro, North Carolina, awoke to hear their daughter say. The family lives seven miles from the river. As the little six-year-old girl watched her parents view their flooded home, she said, "but we have each other."

The long-term flood recovery effort continues in North Carolina. There is a need for volunteer teams and construction materials. For current materials needed, please contact Leland Heath at the Central Warehouse, tel. (919) 739-9167. Volunteer teams should contact 1-800-849-4433, ext. 312.

There is also an immediate need for some long-term volunteers (at least a month or longer) to help with the flood relief efforts in the NC Conference. Butch Hoffman, UMVIM and Disaster Coordinator, says they could use individuals with the following skills: general office work, including computer, telephone, and organization abilities; someone to help coordinate UMVIM teams; and an on-site construction coordinator. Interested volunteers should call the NC Conference Disaster Center at 1-800-849-4433.

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