New United Methodist Volunteers in Mission Training Manual published by Mission Volunteers, GBGM

The new UMVIM Training Manual for Mission Volunteers has been published and is in the hands of all Jurisdictional and Conference Coordinators.

The revised manual came as a request from UMVIM coordinators as well as team leaders.

The Design Team, composed of two persons from each jurisdiction, created the comprehensive, easy to read manual, complete with ready to use sections for team training.

Training Manual Orientations for Conference Coordinators are being held in each Jurisdiction by design team members and will be completed in September.

The new manuals will be distributed to team leaders and individuals attending training sessions conducted by their conference or jurisdictional leaders.

UMVIM, NEJ Coordinators welcome the new GBGM training manual with excitement.












A photo of the Northeastern (NEJ) UMVIM Conference Coordinators and representatives at their June meeting at Alma Mathews. Pictured in columns l/r and bottom/top are: Helen Hummel, Central PA; Sandy Rowland, Baltimore/Washington; Marcia Kindt Coleman, Central PA; Janet Houston, Troy; Ned McMillan, Western NY; Mildred Hamilton, Peninsula- Delaware; Don Hamilton, Peninsula- Delaware; Greg Forrester, UMVIM, NEJ Coordinator; Jeanie Blankenbaker, Mission Volunteers; Chuck Gommer, Wyoming; Barbara Edwards, New York; Peter Houston, Troy; Vi Gommer, Wyoming; Donna Nassoiy, North Central New York; Anna McMillan, Western New York;. Gordon Hendrickson, Eastern Pennsylvania.

(July 23, 2001)

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