God's Call, Our  Mission:
Volunteer Service and Mission Opportunities
for  Students  and Campus  Ministers

May 28-29, 2000 at Clark Atlanta University

a  GBGM sponsored  add-on  day
to  the GBHEM's  Student Forum 2000

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Young Adults in Mission: 1999 Class of US-2s

To bring together campus ministers and student leaders to examine and promote opportunities for mission.

It will include various foci: programs for individual young adults, alternative spring and Christmas breaks, summer companies, disaster response, short term teams, and a fundamental understanding of the theology of mission in a pluralistic world.

Brief Description
Want to bring your campus ministry to a new level of mission service and outreach? Thinking about a life in social service or mission work? Hoping to get your campus ministry doing alternative spring and Christmas breaks? Want to take a semester off of school to serve in a Third World country or, better yet, get credit for it? Desire to make connections with international students and learn about their mission challenges?

This special post- Student Forum gathering is designed for persons interested in learning more about Christian mission in the context of a campus ministry. Worship, workshops, plenary sessions, and informal sharing will bring focus to this one-time event. It will include a keynote address by Prof. Thomas Thangaraj of Emory University on doing Christian mission in a pluralistic world and will showcase some of the cutting edge mission work of campus ministries from across the country.

The event is sponsored by the General Board of Global Ministries, the official mission agency of The United Methodist Church. The GBGM helps to support the ministry of young people internationally and enables them to serve in short- and long-term mission opportunities, on teams or as individuals, and with domestic or international placements.


Individual  (bringing their own linens, or re-using linens from the Student Forum) $35
Individual  (with linens supplied) $45

Tentative Schedule

FRIDAY, MAY 26, 2000  Pre-event for those attending Student Forum
1:00 - 4:00 pm  Tour 
Visit to "Samaritan House Ministries"
            with Thomas Reuter, Host
- Job Readiness
- Voice Mail for the Homeless
- Café 458: Food Service
- Laundry Service
- US2 Site Placement
or Visit "Hands-on Atlanta" or one of several other sites


12:00 noon


1:00 pm Opening Address and Introductions
          Bob Walton
          Assistant General Secretary, GBGM
1:30 pm Plenary I
"A Theology of Mission: Christian Mission in a Pluralistic World" - Professor Thomas Thangaraj
2:45 pm Break
3:00 pm Workshops I
4:15 pm Workshops II
5:30 pm  Dinner
7:00 pm Plenary II          
"The Cutting Edge: Campus Ministries in Mission"
Panel Discussion - Bridgette Young, GBHEM, Moderator
Schuyler Rhodes, UC Berkeley
          New Angles on Social Justice
Betsy Alden, Duke
          The Praxis Project:
          Campus Ministry in the Classroom
Stewart Jackson, Birmingham Southern
Alternative Breaks and Latin America
and others
8:30 pm Small Group Discussion
9:15 pm Worship with Communion
10:00 pm Movies, Fellowship, and Coffee House
7:00 am Breakfast: "Eggs and Issues" (small clusters on topics)
- Being a US-2
- Being a Mission Intern
- Being a Global Justice Volunteer
- Leading Alternative Breaks
- Campus Ministers Sharing Ideas
         : What is Our New Mission?
- Shared Mission Focus on Young People
8:00 am Main Worship with Rev. Kelvin Sauls,  Rev. Dee Baker
       and Univ. of Toledo's WF singing group, Testify          Focus: "Mission as Fundamental to Our Identity"
9:30 am Break
9:45 am Workshops III
11:00 am Plenary III
"Questions and Concepts: Putting It All Together"
12:00 noon Lunch and head home

To register for this event, please visit the site for the Student Forum (www.umsm.org/studentforum). Registration forms are available there.

Contact Us
If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:
                         Rev. Bud Heckman
                         Mission Volunteers Office
                         General Board of Global Ministries
                         475 Riverside Drive, Suite 330
                         New York, NY 10115
                         Tel (212) 870-3825
                         E-mail: bheckman@gbgm-umc.org


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