Post-GJV CCUN Internships

A new position has been created for former Global Justice Volunteers (GJVs) wanting to further their work for justice. There is an opportunity for former GJVs to intern at the Seminar Program at the Church Center for the United Nations. Based in New York City directly across from the United Nations headquarters, the UN Seminar Program is a program of the Women's Division that provides educational experiences for groups from all over the country. The program works toward transformative education, reminding participants of their call to "[b]e not conformed to the world. But be transformed by the renewing of your mind" (James 12:2). Between field trips, speakers, and tours, the seminars provide an opportunity for an exploration of truth and analysis of justice.

The post-GJV intern works as a seminar designer - researching social justice issues, arranging speakers and field trips, and facilitating seminars. Seminar topics have included such issues as poverty and economic justice; global health; racism; and children and human rights. The internship provides a former GJV the opportunity to connect his or her personal experience in an underdeveloped country to current issues in the international community, further understanding and contributing to United Methodist's work towards peace with justice.

Kim Lehmann and Carrie Brunken

Carrie Brunken
Carrie served as the first GJV intern in the UN Seminar office. During the summer of 2000, she served as a GJV working at a street children's project in a suburb of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Originally from Dallas, Texas, Carrie graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and plans to pursue a Masters of Divinity degree. While at the CCUN, Carrie focused on corporate media issues. According to Carrie, "the Seminar Program has allowed me to expand my knowledge of justice issues and increase my awareness of steps I can take to address those issues."

Kim Lehmann
Kim was a member of the pilot team of Global Justice Volunteers, spending two months on the island of Iloilo in the Philippines. There she was introduced to such issues as open-pit mining, land rights, and the role of multinational corporations in the global economy. After returning from her GJV experience, Kim served as the Social Justice Peer Minister for her campus ministry and later interned at the UK-based NGO, War on Want. A recent graduate of Texas Christian University, Kim is now serving as the post-GJV intern.

(August 24, 2001)

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