Individual Volunteer Orientation
at Byron Center in Brownsville, WI
May 12-14, 2006

Six potential Individual Volunteers traveled from Ohio, Washington DC, and Louisiana to attend their orientation and training prior to being sent as Individual Volunteers for Global Ministries. In the group was a family of three, including a pre-teen, who will serve for two years in Slovakia. The pre-teen will be the youngest Individual Volunteer the program has ever placed. The others, all young adults, will serve in Liberia, Brazil and Chile.

Back row, left to right: Phil Brice, Martha Brice, Walt Whitehurst, David Chestek, Roger Boe. Front row: Jacob Justice, Aria Brice, Lorna Jost, Patty Henrichs, Jeanie Blankenbaker.

Aria Brice and Roger Boe

Lorna Jost, Consultant, Individual Volunteers

Group in training

Pamela Karg, Individual Volunteer
who served in Armenia


Walt Whitehurst interviewing Jacob Justice

Walt entertaining group with his ukulele

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