Individual Volunteer Orientation
at Templed Hills Camp & Retreat Center, Woodland, CO
May 21-23, 2004

Templed Hills Camp and Retreat Center is located at the foot of Pike's Peak, still snow-covered in late May.
Betty Whitehurst refers to the textbook description of culture shock as Lucky Lane and Roger Boe listen attentively (or nap discreetly?)
Kurt and Jan Kaiser discuss cartoons depicting US values and customs with volunteer Cheryl Bieck.

Walt Whitehurst models the tapa (a Fijian men's garment) given to him by Melesiana and Saimone Kete, Fijian volunteers, as fellow volunteer Laura Farrel looks on.
Orientation/Training, Templed Hills Camp and Retreat Center, Woodland, Colorado, May 21-23, 2004. Participants (left to right): Kurt Kaiser, Jan Kaiser, Pam Karg, Susan Wiggans, Betty Whitehurst, Mary Kitzman, Scott Wiggans, Miriam Kirkwood, Gil Zyzniewski, Cheryl Bieck, Roger Boe, Vivian Gettliffe, Lucky Lane, Melesiana Kete,
Saimone Kete.

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