Individual Volunteer Orientation
at Templed Hills Camp & Retreat Center
Woodland Park, Colorado
February 10-12, 2006

Ten potential Individual Volunteers traveled from Arizona, Utah, Ohio, Texas, and Missouri to attend their orientation and training prior to being sent as Individual Volunteers for the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM). The group participated in Bible study; covered areas such as cultural sensitivity; child and older adult abuse prevention; safety and security issues; travel, visa and IRS advice; health concerns; an overview of GBGM; and participated in separate interviews with staff.

Front, L-R: Greg Forrester, Individual Volunteer Consultant; Ken Rice; Alice Rice; Diana Smith; Mary Prill; Jan Kaiser, UMVIM, WJ Coordinator. Middle, L-R: Jeanie Blankenbaker, Assistant General Secretary, Mission Volunteers; Lannis Haldeman; Melani Volk; Betsy Keyeck, UMVIM Coordinator, Rocky Mountain Conference; Kathie Mann. Back, L-R: Norm Prill; Dennis Little; Gil Zyzniewski, UMVIM Coordinator, Rocky Mountain Conference; Kurt Kaiser, UMVIM, WJ Coordinator; Beth Cademartori; Dr. Roger Boe, Medical Consultant, UMF/HCV.

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