Individual Volunteer Orientation
at New Day Centers (Phoenix, AZ)
February 18-20, 2005

Fifteen new Individual Volunteers were trained by our new consultant, Greg Forrester, who was outstanding. He was assisted by Jeanie Blankenbaker, Mission Volunteers executive; Roger Boe, UMF/HCV medical consultant, and Jan and Kurt Kaiser, UMVIM, WJ coordinators. Eight of the fifteen participants were young adults who shared wonderful testimonies and stories as to how they know God is calling them to serve. The other adults had equally stirring stories that told of their own faith walk. A new element in this training event was the inclusion of two hours of service work - participants cleaned and painted rooms at the New Day Centers, a shelter for homeless families. This intergenerational weekend was not only a learning experience, it was great fun.

Greg Forrester and Jeanie Blankenbaker
fine tune the training strategy

Greg Forrester, Individual Volunteer
Consultant - covering cultural sensitivity

Row 1, L-R: Aaron Farnham, Nick Robinson, David Walton, Helen Escamilla, Linda Brown.
Row 2, L-R: Shannel Hanft, Katy Drahos, Taylor Walters, Jan Kaiser (UMVIM, WJ Coordinator),
Ada Robinson, Whitney Faulkner. Row 3, L-R: Roger Boe (Medical Consultant), Risa Vargas,
Jeanie Blankenbaker (Assistant General Secretary, Mission Volunteers), Linda Canfield,
Alan Bath, Kurt Kaiser (UMVIM, WJ Coordinator), David Barkley, Greg Forrester (Individual
Volunteer Consultant), Kaury Edwards.

Linda Brown and Helen Escamilla
review training materials

Kaury Edwards and David Walton
in group discussion

Aaron Farnham making a very important point

Alan Bath and Shannel Hanft
in Bible study discussion

Nick and Aida Robinson (center)
in group discussion

Whitney Faulkner, Alan Bath and
Helen Escamilla in role play

Small group Bible study on mission theology - L- Katy Drahos, Taylor Walters,
Laura Brown, David Barkley. R-Risa Vargas, Aaron Farnham

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