Individual Volunteer Orientation
at Dulac Community Center (Dulac, LA)
February 6-8, 2004

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Front row (kneeling), left to right: Walter Whitehurst, Kenneth Ransonet, Ed Benner, Judy Kline, Jeanie Pennington, Mary Elizabeth Pearce, Brandyn DeFoor, Bill Bache, Carl Ennis.

Second row (standing), left to right: Don Delaplain, Betty Whitehurst, Gloria Delaplain, Ken Meyer, Margaret Ennis, Michael DeBorja, Roger Boe, Alice Rothrock.

Same group minus Walt Whitehurst and Michael DeBorja, but with Dominique Gettliffe (behind Bill Bache).
Bible Study small-group discussion with Bill Bache, Gloria Delaplain, Jeanie Pennington, and Kenneth Ransonet
Devotional led by Jeanie Pennington,  backed by Betty Whitehurst and Walt with his trusty ukelele
Dominique Gettliffe, Brandyn DeFoor, and Margaret Ellis preparing for their group skit illustrating cross-cultural interaction
Bill Bache makes a point during a Cross-Cultural Living session
Ken Meyer, Don Delaplain, Mary Elizabeth Pearce, and Michael DeBorja at Bible Study
Walt leads the guest choir at Sunday worship with the local community in Clanton Chapel United Methodist Church

(Photos by Dominique Gettliffe)

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