Martinsville, Virginia UMVIM Team to
El Salvador

A team from Martinsville, Virginia, has returned from Ahuachapán, El Salvador.

They started a house from scratch, clearing the land and digging ditches...and some days, looked like mud people!

The family that will live in the house worked along with them. The family is the mother and father, four children, and two grandmothers.

The doctor and nurse in the team gave medical attention two afternoons at the Roca Eterna Church. They treated 50 persons with mostly parasites, skin infections, poor nutrition, allergies, stress, and tension. They also provided home remedies for diarrhea, lice, and skin diseases, using herbs local to El Salvador.

The night before the team left, they had a lot of singing, praying, hugging, and crying with the family in front of their new house. It was already dark, so they met in the light of the mini bus.

The boys brought out their guitars and flute to accompany the singing. Marta, the baby of the family, was passed around and cuddled so much that she finally fell asleep with a beautiful smile on her little face.

The whole experience was more than positive!                                                          


*     *     *

(July 18, 2001)

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