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Women on the Frontlines - PBS Program: Call Local Stations

by Sung-ok Lee


Women on the Frontlines - PBS Program : Call Local Stations




On June 11, 2004, PBS will premiere a special one-hour version of PEACE  X  PEACE's hit documentary, ‘Peace by Peace: Women on the Frontlines.’  This television broadcast premiere is one giant step for women receiving the recognition for their peace-building work around the world!


Although this programming is available to all PBS stations nationwide, it is optional programming and each individual PBS station has the discretion whether or not to air the film.


To make sure that your community has the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from this powerful, inspiring film Peace X Peace is urging you to contact your local PBS station to make sure that they have it scheduled for broadcast on June 11.


Call your local PBS station!


Contact information (phone number) is easily found by going to the following directory (copy/paste the following link):


If  ‘Page Cannot Be Found’ comes up, click on the second bullet with the underline.  You will enter the National Center for Outreach page.  Scroll to the bottom and click on ‘Contact NCO.’  You will get a map of the country.  Click on your state and the information will come up.


1.  Call your local PBS Station 

  1.  Identify yourself and your affiliation (United Methodist Women, a million member national organization of women of the UMC.)
  2. Ask to speak with the Programming Director or General Director of your local station; if no one is available, leave a message with your name, phone number, and your message.

      4.  Keep your message brief. Like an effective letter, be sure to make a specific request: ‘I am calling to confirm that ‘Peace by Peace: Women on the Frontlines’ is scheduled for June 11; and if not, that it is added to the schedule for June 11.’


If you have problems finding the information, you can contact

   Jenny Town

   Newsletter Editor

   Public Relations Director


   2086 Hunters Crest Way

   Vienna, Virginia 22181




Time is short and telephone calls are a fast and personal way to express your interest in seeing this important film on women working on the frontlines around the world (as they do in your own community!)


 PEACE BY PEACE: Women on the Frontlines (synopsis)


     In the midst of the ongoing horrors of war, terrorism and violence women around the world are standing up for peace, advocating restorative justice, and educating future generations that violence is not the answer. Filmed in Afghanistan, Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Burundi, by an all-female crew, this film celebrates the unheralded work of these courageous women to build the conditions for sustainable peace out of conflict and crisis. ‘Peace by Peace: Women on the Frontlines’ premiered at the United Nations, has been screened in 8 countries (from Thailand to South Korea, Ireland to Australia) and been featured in numerous festivals, conferences and celebrations throughout the United States.


Be sure to save the date for viewing the program on June 11 (10 PM in the East Coast; check local listings for Frontline).


Sung-ok Lee

Office of Community Action


Date posted: May 11, 2004