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United Methodist Women Action Campaign! Staples Report Card Project

by Sung-ok Lee




ü      Please visit a Staples office supply store.

ü      Ask if they stock New Life DP 100 Processed Chlorine Free paper.

ü      You do not need to purchase any paper.

ü      Use the STAPLES Report Card on the back of this page to tell us what the staff person's response was, location and if they stocked the paper. Please return the report card to:  Women's Division Office of Community Action, 475 Riverside Dr. Room 1502,

New York, NY  10115 as soon as possible but no later than April 30, 2004.

ü      You can E-mail us at SLee@gbgm- umc.org   with your answer to the report card.   OR  Fax the page to:  Office of Community Action, CSR at 212-870-3766.

An electronic version of the report card will be available on the UMW website for your reference:  http://gbgm-umc.org/WOMENS-DIVISION/


Scripture: “She came up behind him and touched the fringe of his clothes, and immediately her hemorrhage stopped…[Jesus] said to her, ‘Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace.’”  Luke 8:44,48.

Policy:  Book of Resolutions, UMC, 2000, Steps Toward a Dioxin-Free Future, pgs. 70-72.


The organization of the United Methodist Women has made it a priority to help prevent cancer BEFORE it starts. We have been educating ourselves about what we can do and participate in advocacy efforts to remove environmental toxins known or suspected of causing breast and other forms of cancer. The most serious of these is dioxin.

Dioxin is the umbrella term for a variety of chemicals that are the unintended byproducts of manufacturing or incineration process involving chlorine or bromine. A major source of dioxin is from the chlorine bleaching of pulp to make paper. Technology exists to produce high quality paper without chlorine. Some manufacturers have begun to switch to a non-chlorine bleaching process. In many cases, the cost to the consumer is comparable to "regular" paper prices. In fact, if more consumers request processed chlorine-free paper, we will expand the market for it and drive down prices.

Many United Methodist Women members are already doing their part by working with their churches and local units, like Battle Creek, MI, Adrian, MI to switch to chlorine-free paper. Wherever possible they are selecting processed chlorine-free paper (PCF), which means that it has recycled content and no chlorine in the papermaking. We want to make it easier for everyone to find and use such paper.

Staples’ promotional literature extols the company's environmental concerns. In fact, Staples is stocking this paper as a trial in selected stores to see how and if the general public understands the issues. That's why we think this is a very "winnable" campaign. The Women's Division invites you to join us in showing Staples foot-dragging lower management that there is a significant national demand for PCF paper. Our goal is to have at least 1000 report cards completed to present to Staples’ CEO in the Spring of 2004.

Let us come together in this campaign to honor all of those who have had a cancer diagnosis by taking a few minutes to help make a difference! If there isn't a Staples store near you, go to the web and please request New Life DP 100 and pass these materials along. Encourage a relative, friend, or co-worker who could make this quick visit to do so. 

STAPLES  Report Card

Overall, how satisfied were you with your experience at STAPLES today?  (Circle One or indicate number)

1          2          3          4          5          6          7          8          9         

extremely dissatisfied                                                                       extremely satisfied

1.         Does your STAPLES store carry Processed Chlorine Free (PCF) Paper (New Life DP 100)?                

In Color?

2.         If your STAPLES store did not have PCF paper in stock, did personnel offer to special order it?

3.         If your STAPLES store did not have PCF paper in stock, was management willing to listen to your background information about the importance of PCF?

            What was their response?

4.         Additional Comments:

5.         What is the location of your STAPLES store?

Date of visit:                                                   Time of Day:

Your Name:



United Methodist Women Conference/District/Local Unit:

Area Code:                Telephone:                                         E-mail:

Congratulations on your participation in this campaign for Environmental Justice!

Please return this form to:  Women’s Division, Office of Community Action, 475 Riverside Dr. Room 1502, New York, NY 10115   OR  fax to:  212-870-3766    OR   Email answers to: 


Date posted: Feb 16, 2004