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Background on James

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The Epistle of James

The Epistle of James has long been a controversial book.  The early Church debated whether it should be canonized.  Protestants like Martin Luther thought it was a "book of straw."  But James survived to challenge each new generation of Christians to put their faith into action.  Join us in a journey of understanding James with its wisdom proverbs, shocking exhortations, and supportive fellowship. Check out the Web Links for articles on the Letter of James.

Pamela Sparr has created a study guide for the Elsa Tamez' book: The Scandalous Message of James: Faith Without Works is Dead. Here is how to order that book. Tamez looks at James through the lens of Oppression, Hope and Praxis. See what you think.

Check out the bibliography for more information on James, and turn to the background section to learn who wrote James, when, and its circuitous route to becoming part of our New Testament Canon. And who is the Diaspora to whom James is writing?

Check out the significant connections between The Letter of James makes with Old and New Testament texts. Look for analysis on how James uses the word rich, the concept of poverty, and how the letter uses beatitudes. Is James actually commentary on Leviticus 19 or Psalm 12? Some scholars find meaning in the comparison. Should we compare or contrast James and Paul? Scholars think they aren't as different as we once thought.

James seems to have different meanings when read with different frames of understanding. Find out how James can be read from Hebrew, Greek, or Christian point of view, as a wisdom text, or as an instruction manual for spiritual wholeness. Or read about how to read James with an eye toward the end of the world.

Updated December 30, 2002.


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