Historical Pictures

Welcome to some of the historical pictures of our work as United Methodist Women.  Click on any of the photos below for a larger picture. 

Clementina Butler, missionary to India and Mexico.  One of the founders of the Women's Foreign Missionary Society.

Founders of Women's Foreign Missionary Society, 1869

"Women's Foreign Missionary Society Organized in this room. "  Boston on a stormy night with a "handful" of women.

Miss Lilivati Singh and Isabella Thoburn (teacher and first female missionary with Claira Swain)


Chicago Training School, 1889


Elizabeth Gamble Deaconess Home/
Cincinnati Missionary Training School


Lucy Webb Hayes, first president of Woman's Home Missionary Society (Methodist Episcopal Church South)


Lucy Webb Hayes Bible School and Deaconess Home, Washington, D.C.


San Francisco Training School and Deaconess Home of the Women's Home Missionary Society, Methodist Episcopal Church with Mrs L.M. Potts


San Francisco Training School and Deaconess Home, 1891

Northwest Training School, Washington


Scarritt Bible and Training School
Kansas City, Mo 1910

Missionary Council 1920s


Scarritt College for Christian Workers

Deaconess Logo

Issei Fujinkai Sewing Class

Japanese Kindergarten, Spokane, Wash.

Child waiting for school, Japanese Kindergarten, San Francisco

Dorcas Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio


30th Annual Meeting of Women's Home Missionary Society, Chicago, Ill.


Four Central Jurisdiction (African American Jurisdiction) Presidents of Women's Society of Christian Service

Mary Drake, TN; Anita Fields, KY; Ruth Carter, New Orleans; Margaret Bowen, New Orleans.



Thelma Stevens and Pauli Murray reviewing her book, "States' Laws on Race and Color"


Pauli Murray's mother receives flowers at ceremony celebrating book's  publication.


Handbags made by Columbus, Ohio Women were given to all delegates of the 1st Assembly of Woman's Division of Methodist Church, 1942


Mrs. JD Bragg at radio address, 2nd Assembly, Women's Society of Christian Service, 1946


4th Assembly of United Methodist Women, Milwaukee, WI


6th Assembly of United Methodist Women, Atlantic City, NJ  1962



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