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Maps Related to the Life of Paul

  Click on the small map to see a bigger one (30-60K).

Map of the Roman Empire - 10916 Bytes

The Roman Empire

   This map shows the extent of the Roman Empire at three times in history: at the death of Caesar (44 B.C.E.), at the death of Augustus (14 C.E.), and at the death of Marcus Aurelius (180 C.E.).

Map of Journeys of Paul - 14995 Bytes

The Journeys of Paul

   This map shows Paul's three missionary journey and his final journey to Rome. It is based on material from the Book of Acts.

Map of the Mediterranean World During the Time of Paul - 7216 Bytes

The Mediterranean World
During the Time of Paul

   This map is based on one published in 1884. Click: Large Version (41K), Larger Version (47K).

Map of Greece- 3468 Bytes

Map of Greece

   This map shows key cities and areas of Greece during the time of the Roman Empire.

Minimap of City Plan of Corinth- 8466 Bytes

City Plan of Corinth

   This map shows part of the city plan of Corinth in the mid-first century, the time of Paul. Take a tour of Corinth, was a larger and clickable version of this map. See contempory photos of the ruins of ancient Corinth and learn about what the ancient structures were like in Paul's day.

Map of Corinth and the Isthmus - 7304 Bytes

Corinth and the Isthmus

   This map shows the location of the Acrocorinth in relation to Corinth. The Acrocorinth is the mountainous area shown in the bottom left hand corner of this map.

Architectural Plan - 5627 Bytes

Plan of the Archaic Temple

   The Archaic Temple is an impressive piece of architecture. Map only: Large Version (11K), Larger Version (13K).

A Domus - 3133 Bytes

Plan of a Roman House

   This is a plan for a Roman home (domus) like those used the early Corinthian church.

Maps of Asia Minor and Palestine

   These two maps show locations mentioned in the study book Jesus and Courageous Women of the Bible. Both web and high resolution versions are available.

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Notes and Credits

   Except for the map of the Roman Empire and The Mediterranean, all maps on this page were created by Nancy A. Carter. The one of the Roman Empire is adapted from Forum Romanum web site and is used by permission of David Camden. The maps of the Mediterranean and of Corinth and the Isthmus were adapted from a public domain map scanned from An Historical Atlas Containing a Chronological Series of One Hundred and Four Maps, at Successive Periods, from the Dawn of History to the Present Day by Robert H. Labberton. Sixth Edition. 1884. The plan of the Roman house is adapted from one created by the VRoma Project.

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