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Map of The Roman Empire

    This map shows the extent of the Roman Empire at three times in history: at the death of Caesar (44 B.C.E.), at the death of Augustus (14 C.E.), and at the death of Marcus Aurelius (180 C.E.). The gains are cumulative: this means that Aurelius' empire included the areas that were in Caesar's and Augustus' realm, not just the areas colored red.

   Caesar re-founded Corinth in 44 C.E., when the Roman Empire had spread to the darker orange color. This area plus the green area gives an idea of the extent of the Roman Empire during the time of Paul.

The Roman Empire- 46695 Bytes

   Click on the map to see a bigger one (85K). A gray-scale map is also available in medium and large format.

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   The GIF format map of the Roman Empire was adapted by Nancy A. Carter from a JPG format map featured at the Forum Romanum web site and is used by permission of David Camden. His version is at

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