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The Bible: The Book That Bridges the Millennia

Hymns and The Bible

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   We learn Biblical stories and themes through hymns. Hymns are also a source of comfort, courage, and inspiration. Singing words helps many people to remember them better than simple memorization.

   Most Christians can recite more verses to hymns than verses in the Bible. For those of us who have grown up in the church, hymns may have been one of the first ways we learned about the Bible.

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Hymns on This Web Site

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Biblical Reflections

   Reflect on hymns as a part of your study of The Bible: the Book that Bridges the Millennia. Visit the pages on this web site that have hymns and consult hymnals in your home and church.

Do hymns and other sacred songs aid in your understanding of the Bible? In what way?

Take the Highway

Journey Through Time

   The Bible Today: Our Journey: We hear the Bible; we read the Bible; we sing the Bible; we pray the Bible; we preach the Bible; we study the Bible; and all of this shapes our understanding.

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   1. You can visit even more hymns from The United Methodist Hymnal and links to other hymns sites.

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The Bible Today: Our Journey
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