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Top Ten List: UMCOR Sager Brown's Bulk Supplies Needs

UMCOR Kits are material resources that provide many essential supplies for everyday life. You can donate complete kits -- or you may prefer to give bulk supplies that volunteers will assemble at UMCOR Sager Brown, the place where your donations are stored while they await dispatch.

The material resources program is always happy to receive kits and buckets fully assembled with all required items. However, the UMCOR Sager Brown Depot can use large quantities of bulk items that may be easier for some churches and church groups to acquire. The top ten list of bulk material needs (listed in order of priority) is as follows:

(Updated: 07/11/2005)

  1. Terry cloth hand towels (15" x 25" or 16" x 27", No kitchen towels)
  2. Toothpaste (4.5 oz or larger, expiration date must be 6 months or longer in advance of the date of shipment to UMCOR Sager Brown)
  3. Metal nail files or fingernail clippers (no emery boards, no toenail clippers)
  4. Children's blunt scissors
  5. Pencil sharpeners (plain, small, individual sharpeners with no emblems)
  6. Baby sweaters (open in the front)
  7. Cloth baby diapers (cloth only--no disposable diapers)
  8. Ruled paper (pad, spiral, or loose leaf)
  9. Baby gowns or sleepers
  10. School Bags (finished size 14" x 16")

For 10 items donated, $1.00 is needed to help UMCOR Sager Brown with the costs of processing and shipping kits around the world.