UMCOR Sager Brown Material Resources Specifications

Kits to Assist in Recovery from Disasters

The following resources are used in places where people may have suffered losses due to natural or human made disasters. Please follow the directions exactly. Include all items; do not add items that are not on the lists. Extra gifts, though given with the best of intentions, render a kit unusable and must be removed. Note: All items sent must be new!

Flood Bucket

(Updated: 11/15/2004)

These supplies enable people to begin the overwhelming job of cleaning up after a flood or hurricane. For flood buckets only, if the requested sized item is not available, go down to the next available size. If nothing is available in the requested or smaller size, put masking tape on the outside of the bucket saying, "This bucket contains no _________."

*Special requirements: Put all items in the plastic bucket and seal lid. Please ensure that all cleansing agents are liquids (not powder) and in plastic bottles. All aerosols or flammables: If aerosols are included, do not send the bucket by US mail or DHL/Airborne freight. Ship by UPS ground, FedEx ground, or truck. Pack inside the bucket or strong outer boxes. Put the ORM-D mark on the outside of any buckets or boxes containing these items. Get it at Copy and tape on each bucket or box. Boxes cannot exceed 66 lbs. each.

Value: $45 per bucket.
In a separate envelope, please send a check written to UMCOR Sager Brown for at least $1.50 for each flood bucket to help with the costs of processing and shipping.

Thank you for your donations. You are helping to make a difference in people's lives.

*Print the shipping label and list (2 formats): PDF-Word.

*Print this kit (3 formats): PDF-Web-Word.

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