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UMCOR World Hunger/Poverty

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Through the World Hunger/Poverty program, the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) not only supplies food for hungry people, but also helps poor countries move forward with development. Seeds, tools and training are provided to enable people to grow their own food. This program combines immediate crisis relief (food, clothing and medical supplies) with long-term solutions (clean water, immunizations, enhanced agriculture and advocacy for appropriate public policies) to bring hope to people in despair.

Since 1940, UMCOR's mission - providing relief in disaster areas, aiding refugees and confronting the challenge of world hunger and poverty - has helped to heal the hurts of humanity in nearly 100 countries.

Brazilian children sitting at a long table where they have been given lunch.

The children are enjoying a lunch at a child feeding program in Rio Janeiro, Brazil. Credit: Carolyn Njuki / GBGM.


The Basics

Please support UMCOR's Hunger/Poverty Program, Advance #982920. Please contribute also to One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS). The OGHS offering undergirds UMCOR's ongoing work. Your donations may be sent through a local United Methodist church, Annual Conference or by mailing the check directly to: UMCOR, Room #330, 475 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10115. For credit card donations, call 800-554-8583.

*About UMCOR
*"10 Facts About Hunger": Printable UMCOR Brochure.
*Love into Action: UMCOR'S World Hunger/Poverty Program by June Kim, New World Outlook, July-August 2003.
*Bulletin Inserts
*Church Bulletin Insert: Fair Trade Sunday Worship Service.
*Church Bulletin Insert: Multiplication: The Arithmetic of Sustainable Agriculture.
*Projects and Programs
*The UMCOR Coffee Project. A way to help people in need while enjoying fair trade coffee, tea, and other products.
*Mother & Child Survival Program.
*Annual Events
*National Hunger Awareness Day In June 3rd across the United States, people gather to focus on the severe but solvable problem of domestic hunger and its impact on children.
*Offering of Letters: Annual Campaign of Bread for the World
*Souper Bowl of Caring Sunday. "The Souper Bowl of Caring" is a great opportunity for United Methodist congregations to involve youth in mission and raise funds for hunger projects.
*World Food Day. This event is observed each October 16th in recognition of the founding of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 1945.
*World Fair Trade Day. World Fair Trade Day, May 8th, is a celebration of Fair Trade internationally, with events organized worldwide. One way to participate in fair trade is to participate in the UMCOR Coffee Project.

About UMCOR World Hunger/Poverty

When United Methodists read of people starving, as in the famine in Africa, they can be assured that through UMCOR, their denomination is moving to distribute food and other necessary supplies. When people are suffering from life-destroying poverty in countries ignored by the media, United Methodists can rest assured that UMCOR is there too, bringing hope to people in despair.

Through UMCOR's World Hunger/Poverty program, which is supported by United Methodist contributions to Advance #982920, UMCOR not only supplies food for the hungry but also helps poor countries move forward with development. In its long-term effort to eradicate poverty, UMCOR provides seeds, tools, and training are provided to enable people to grow their own food. It also helps people start small businesses and supports water, reforestation, literacy, and health programs.

UMCOR multiplies United Methodist impact on hunger and poverty programs by cooperating with the National and World Councils of Churches and with other Methodist churches around the world. It also works with agencies such as Heifer Project International, which sends farm animals abroad to help people living in poverty improve their lives, and Habitat for Humanity, whose program of housing construction for the working poor has become well known through the participation of former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn.

To promote advancement of women as an essential component of development, UMCOR funds programs like "Credit with Education," which offers women literacy training and then gives them financial credits to start small business enterprises.

Many of the deeper causes of world hunger and poverty, such as trade policies and international debt, cannot be resolved without action in the political sphere. UMCOR helps supply you with timely information about opportunities you have as a citizen to work for needed actions in the public arena.

Also of Interest

*Basic Hunger Information, Bread for the World.
*Bread for the World. Bread for the World is a nationwide Christian movement that seeks justice for the world's hungry people by lobbying our nation's decision makers.
*Foods Resource Bank. Foods Resource Bank works on behalf of its members to mobilize and increase the resources needed for food security projects.
*Future Harvest News. Those interested in agricultural research and development in tropical countries, as well as implications for the rest of the world should be interested in the following web site:
*General Board of Church and Society, United Methodist Church.
*Habitat for Humanity. There are many ways you can join Habitat for Humanity in eliminating poverty housing, from working with a local affiliate or campus chapter to Global Village short-term mission trips.
*Hábitat para la Humanidad Internacional.
Un ministerio Cristiano, ecuménico, sin fines de lucro cuya meta, es eliminar las viviendas infrahumanas alrededor del mundo.
*Heifer Project International. With more than 50 years experience, Heifer Project helps people obtain a sustainable source of food and income. Project families gain new skills and self-esteem from the training and support they receive in caring for their animals.
*The International Center for Research on Women (ICRW). ICRW is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting social and economic development with women's full participation.
*Seeds of Hope. Seeds of Hope, Inc., is a private, independent group of believers responding to a common burden for the poor and hungry of God's world, and acting on the strong belief that biblical mandates to feed the poor were not intended to be optional.
*Society of St. Andrew (SoSA). SoSA's work includes the Potato Project, Harvest of Hope, and the Gleaning Network.
*US Agency for International Development (USAID). USAID is an independent federal government agency that conducts foreign assistance and humanitarian aid to advance the political and economic interests of the United States.

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