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Paul Dirdak and Joel Martinez visiting displaced Indonesia children in camp.South Asia Emergency

Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami

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Through unprecedented donations totaling $32.4 million for tsunami relief and recovery, UMCOR is funding work in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Somalia, Thailand, and India. UMCOR workers are supplying new nets and boats, beginning construction of new homes, cleaning wells polluted by saltwater that flooded inland in the December 26, 2004, tsunami that caused catastrophic loss of life and damage to countries on all sides of the Indian Ocean.

Please give to Advance #274305 and designate "South Asia Emergency" on the memo line of your check. Give through your local United Methodist church or mail contributions to: UMCOR, 475 Riverside Dr., Room 330, New York, NY 10115. Call 1-800-554-8583 to make a credit card donation or donate online on a secure server. One hundred percent of your gift goes to relief and recovery efforts. United Methodists' generous giving to the One Great Hour of Sharing, part of their ongoing contribution to mission around the world, supplements the cost of Advance gifts. UMCOR also needs donations of health kits, layettes, and Medicine Boxes for this response. Get details... For hymns, reflections, and other helpful material, see "Church Resources" below.

Photo: United Methodist Bishop Joel Martinez (left) and the Rev. Paul Dirdak, head of the United Methodist Committee on Relief, visit with children at a camp in Bateilik, Indonesia for people displaced by the December 26 tsunami. UMCOR's partner, The Methodist Church of Indonesia, is helping support programs at the facility. Mike DuBose/UMNS, January 13, 2005.

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