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Armenian grandmother holding child.

UMCOR in Armenia
A Human Face on Development

UMCOR is assisting the people of Armenia as they work to build a democratic and market-oriented society. While much of the world enjoys daily comfort and commands powerful technologies, many Armenians still struggle for the basics of life. (how to help)

A series of disasters, including a devastating earthquake in 1988, the war over the Armenian enclave of Nagorno Karabakh, a five-year blockade on incoming goods, and a severe three-year energy crisis, has left this nation scraping for electricity, gas, and clean water-primary resources we take for granted in the West. Since declaring independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991, Armenia has vigorously pursued free market reforms within a democratic framework.

Health and agricultural reforms are necessary to create a basis for a sound fiscal policy. However, these reforms create challenges that seem overwhelming for Armenia's most vulnerable social groups. UMCOR's programs address the needs of these vulnerable populations: children, women, the elderly, rural families, and refugees.

UMCOR established offices in Armenia in August 1994.

UMCOR in Armenia promotes physical health and well-being by:

UMCOR in Armenia promotes community and self development by:

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How to Participate in This Program

More than a million people have benefited from UMCOR's programs in Armenia. Please join in the response efforts by giving to UMCOR Advance #250225 and indicate "Armenia." One hundred percent of your gift goes to this emergency. The generous giving of United Methodists to the One Great Hour of Sharing supplements the cost of Advance gifts.

Give through a local United Methodist church or send financial contributions to: UMCOR, 475 Riverside Dr., Room 330, New York, NY 10115. Call (800) 554-8583 to make a credit card donation.

More Ways to Help

Photo Credit: Wendy Whiteside, UMCOR. See more pictures of UMCOR's work in Armena.


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