Changing Lives through Christian Love

At Red Bird Mission in Beverly, Kentucky, a young dormitory resident was brought to the principal's office for fighting in the dormitory. The incident occurred early in the school year. The principal grew very concerned as he talked to the young man, who clearly had very little self-esteem and seemed ready to fight the world.

The young man's behavior got him suspended from school and evicted from the dormitory for three days. The principal felt sure he would have to discipline him again, and he was right. But the next offense was his last. He was caught leaving the dormitory one evening without permission and smoking with another student.

When the principal saw him again, he had changed remarkably, thanks to the gradual influence of his teachers and fellow students. He no longer displayed his fighting attitude and he seemed much happier with himself. He had become active in the dorm devotions program, was attending church, and was responding to the loving, Christian atmosphere at the dormitory.

The young man had also become a member of the Cardinal Singers, a touring singing group sponsored by the school. He enjoyed success with the group, and by the end of the school year was one of several members who testified to their faith during the Cardinal Singers program. He was a much different young man from the person the principal met at the first of the school year. He is an example of what prayers and loving Christian influence can do in changing people's lives.

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