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Robin Montoya. "Walking in Two Worlds." Indigenous people today must become adept at balancing a deep commitment to the roots of their indigenous communities with an ability to navigate the cultural systems of the dominant populations that surrounded and tried to eradicate their nations. Robin Montoya is an artist from Oklahoma City whose heritage is Caddo, Comanche, and Wichita.
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Part of the church’s mission today is to reconcile with indigenous peoples, to recognize and take responsibility for the harm its missions and programs may have caused in the past.

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John Calhoun
Gary Locklear
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Walking in Two Worlds

Walking in Two Worlds 
by Eugenio Poma/Richard Lord
After my term as bishop for the Evangelical Methodist Church in Bolivia, I was invited by the World Council of Churches to be a consultant on indigenous issues. Before I began my ecumenical work in Geneva, I thought the Aymaras ... (continue)

Native American Languages  
A Gift from the Creator to Pass on, Breath to Breath

by Mary Beth Coudal
"They washed her mouth out with soap for speaking her own language. They thought it was a dirty language," Richard Grounds said of his grandmother, who, as a child was uprooted from her family, sent to boarding school, and ... (continue)

Among the Dumagat in Rizal 
Center for Community Development

by Angelita Broncano
The Dumagat program of the Center for Community Development of Harris Memorial College is an attempt to reach out to the most disadvantaged communities in Rizal, an area below Laguna de Bay, southeast of Manila. The Dumagat ... (continue)

Roots: Strengthening the Role of Native American Churches 
by Ray Buckley
It seems an obvious statement: Native people are able to determine what is best for Native people. Through success and failure, ultimately, decisions are made within a Native context, defined by Native vision. We make the ... (continue)

Return to the Earth 
by Lawrence Hart
When Abraham, with his Chosen People, was traveling to the Promised Land, his wife Sarah died while they were in the land of the Hittites. Abraham sought to bury his wife and asked the Hittites if he could purchase a piece ... (continue)

Restoring the Faith 

I recently watched an episode of the PBS series American Experience entitled "Minik, the Lost Eskimo." In a lifelong quest to reach the North Pole, Robert Peary, an American explorer, visited Greenland many times at the turn of the last century. On a trip in 1897, he brought back six Inughuit natives (the Inuit people of the Arctic regions) to New York so that the Museum of Natural History could study them. ...(continue)

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Racism: One Person’s Story of Liberation by George Baldwin
Sharing the Gifts of God by Fran Lynch
Justice the Indigenous Way - An Interview with Casimira Rodríguez
Poster: Global Indigenous Organizations
Visit to Methodist Churches in Kericho and Kisumu, Western Kenya by John Calhoun
Indigenous People Meet Across Continental Divides by Darlene Jacobs and Gary Locklear
Native American Music Shaped Through Struggles and Faith by Alvin Deer


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