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UMC Missionaries (clockwise from top left corner): Dr. Eduardo Campaña of Ecuador, serving Latin America; Ngoy Mulanga Kalangwa of the DR Congo, serving Tanzania; Alina Saucedo of Bolivia, serving Angola; Daniel Randall of Colorado, serving Latvia, Becky Harrell of Texas, serving Chile; David Guinkpa from Liberia, serving Uganda; Isaías Ramos of Mexico, serving Costa Rica; and Sun Lae Kim of Korea and New Jersey, serving Mongolia.
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Missionaries mentioned in this issue
Mark Abbott
T. Ryan Clayburn
Carol DeWitt Crawford
Timothy Crawford
Evelyn Erbele
W. Terence Erbele
David Paye Guinkpa
Becky Harrell
Paul Jeffrey
Elma Jocson
Guy Kasanka
Simeon Kashala
Larry Kies
Jane Kies
Christina Kretchik
Helen Byholt Lovelace
William (Bill) Lovelace
Leah Magruder
Wes Magruder
Miguel Mairena
Pierre Manya
Janet McCarty
Nan McCurdy
Ivonne  Mendoza Gomez
Suzanne Porter
Alina Saucedo
Helen Sheperd
Albert Willicor
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A Calling to Health Ministries 
by Christie R. House
In May 2007, Bishop Joseph C. Humper, of the Sierra Leone United Methodist Church, and Bishop Robert Aboagye-Mensah, of the autonomous Methodist Church of Ghana, presided over a unique missionary commissioning service in Ghana. ... (continue)

Global Missionaries for a Global Church 
by Christie R. House and Helen Sheperd
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Special Online Features

Listen to Global Ministries Missionary Voice Podcasts 
The Global Ministries website now offers a new, exciting resource, The Missionary Voice: podcasts from a broad spectrum of locations, on a variety of topics. From Palestine/Israel to the Deaf Shalom Zone in Baltimore, you can ...

The United Methodist Church Missionary Recruitment Campaign 
The United Methodist Church has launched a long-term missionary recruitment campaign. The campaign theme is: "The Face of Today's Missionary: Is It Yours?" Personnel are needed for work in evangelism, church development, education, medical ...

Teach Me to Love 
by Christie R. House, Eluzinete Pereira García

This issue of New World Outlook is filled with the voices of many different missionaries serving in many different countries, contexts, and types of mission professions. ...(continue)

The online version of New World Outlook features selected articles from the printed magazine. These additional stories appear in the print publication.
Remembrance & Thanksgiving by Philip Braudaway-Bauman and Mark Bauman
Bridges of Hope in North Africa by Hugh Johnson
Home Missioners: A New Office in the Church by Becky Dodson Louter and Christie R. House
Young Adult Missionaries: Letters from a Young Missionary by T. Ryan Clayburn


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