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The 'Separation Wall' surrounding the West Bank town of Qalqilya, divides Palestinians from their lands as well as Palestinians from Israelis. On the West Bank side, the wall has become a canvas for protesters.
Photo: Paul Jeffrey / ACT
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The United Methodist Church needs to do more to inform its constituency about Palestinians living under Israeli occupation.

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"I believe the church needs to do more to cross the lines dividing rural and urban areas of the United States."
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Disagree (10 votes) 
Don't know (2 votes) 
100% (46 votes) 

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Alex Awad
Brenda Awad
Paul Jeffrey
Janet  Lahr Lewis
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Mission Study: Israel/Palestine

Israel/Palestine & United Methodists 
by David Wildman
This year United Methodists begin a two-year mission study on Israel/ Palestine. The year 2007 marks 40 years of Israeli military occupation and colonization of Palestinian land in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem. ... (continue)

A Blessing in the Midst of the Earth  
by Sandra K. Olewine - photos by Paul Jeffrey
The stories the Bible contains have helped peoples find strength, consolation, freedom, justice, mercy, love, and salvation. The Bible has been a part of proclaiming release to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, ... (continue)

Unheard Voices 
by Rev. Alex Awad
Hardly any one heard him cry and I was the only one that watched the tears flow down his cheeks. He came to my office to seek help, but his problem was too enormous for a simple clergyman like me to solve. He is a Palestinian ... (continue)

Gaza: A Lost Jewel 
by Janet Lahr Lewis
Along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea lies a small, sandy piece of land known as the Gaza Strip. Conveniently located at the juncture of the major trade routes passing from the warm southern climes of Africa, the ... (continue)

Seeking Justice and Peace Through Visits to the Holy Land 
by David Wildman
For centuries, Christians have traveled to the Holy Land on pilgrimages. Yet too many such tours go only to ancient biblical sites and never meet with the living Palestinian Christian communities of today.... (continue)

Providing the Balance 

This year the geographic mission study for the Schools of Christian Mission will be Israel/Palestine. This Middle Eastern conflict is an issue that never seems to go away because it never gets resolved. The region has been in conflict my whole life, so in some ways, I don't expect it to be resolved. But then, ... ...(continue)

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Contemporary Stories of Bethlehem by Brenda Awad
The Story of the Week by Margo Sabella
Palestinians Shelter Refugees in Lebanon by Sylvia Haddad
A Perspective Through Native Eyes by Anne Marshall
The Problem with Israel by Jeff Halper
A Reflection on My Journey to Palestine by Hee-Soo Jung
Separation Wall is Causing Extreme Hardship in the Holy Land by Bernard Sabella


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