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Do the positive aspects of globalization, such as economic growth and cheaper products, outweigh its negative aspects: lower wages and the destruction of local markets?

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Spiritual health plays a major role in keeping us physically and emotionally healthy.
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Dr. Catherine Mudime Akale
Miguel Arenas Herrera
Mbwizu Ndjungu
Nkemba Ndjungu
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Mission Study: Globalization

Women and Globalization:
 Toward an Economy of Caring

by Marcia Florkey
After two hours’ travel on a hilly dirt road in the Northwest Province of Cameroon, West Africa, the narrow valley opens on a vast hillside of young palm-oil trees. Women of all ages work together in this remote area, caring ... (continue)

Building Better Mousetraps:
Globalization’s Challenges for  China’s Christians

by Diane J. Allen
The late Deng Xiaoping, China’s paramount leader after Chairman Mao Zedong, lives on in his legendary pragmatism: “It doesn’t matter whether the cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice.” Since 1979, Chinese leaders ... (continue)

Globalization and the Church:
 An Italian Methodist Perspective

by David Markay
An Ecuadorian teenager sporting a Denver Nuggets cap shares a Turkish kebab with his Italian girlfriend. Technicians from India operate the service center for a German cell-phone company based in Italy. These are some of the ... (continue)

The World Trade Organization  
Why We Protest

by Francis Wong
A globalized economy should draw people together to share the benefits of its economic activities. but the World Trade Organization, with its ideology of globalization, was described by church leaders meeting in Hong Kong ... (continue)

Northern Uruguay
 Aid in the Wake of Globalization

by Cassandra Heller
At the place where Uruguay touches the corners of Brazil and Argentina lies a muddy, waterlogged village called Bella Union. Scraps of corrugated metal, plastic, and wood shelter families of five or six. Old cars sit lifeless ... (continue)

Globalization at Home 

One day last winter, our daughter was working on a school assignment to find something at home that was made in another country. Since my husband travels extensively, we had a lot of things to choose from, but then she said the item had to have a tag that said “Made in [the country].” So we began looking at things that have tags. “Made in China” revealed itself in almost everything we picked up: clothes, hats, shoes, stuffed animals, toys, lamps, furniture, and electronics. Then she challenged us to find something that wasn’t made in China. It was difficult! ...(continue)

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Dharur Jathra: Years of Mission and Witness
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