A Children's Study on Mexico


I'm Rosa, the mother of Bolivar and Maria.  I'm a nurse in Mexico and a Sunday School teacher who likes to do crafts with the children.

Join us in creating the art of our country.  You'll love it!


I'm  Bolivar and I'm eight years old.  My favorite things are sports and nature.  Let me show you some of the nature and sports for which Mexico's famous.

Hola.  My name is Juan and I am the father of Bolivar and Rosa.  I work outside of Mexico City doing construction and ensuring that buildings are safe.   With my job, I see a lot of the Mexican countryside.  I'd like to teach you a little about Mexico's geography.


My name is Jenifa, I'm 12, and I live in El Paso, Texas.  My Church, El Buen Pastor  United Methodist Church (The Good Shepherd United Methodist Church) recently traveled to Mexico for a mission trip.  I learned a lot about the mission of the United Methodist Church in Mexico.  Let me show you!

Hola.  ¿Como Estas?  Me llama Maria.  I am Bolivar's sister and 10 years old.    My favorite subject in school is geography, but to travel through Mexico, you must know Spanish!  So, let me help you with learning some Spanish!

I'm Jenifa's mom, Ana.  On our recent trip to Mexico, I decided to take lots of pictures and make a scrap book so that Jenifa would always remember the wonderful people, the delicious food, and the beautiful land.  Here are some recipes from the scrap book and here are some of our memories in pictures.

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