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Mexico: Labyrinth of Faith Brightly colored detail of the book cover.

Isidra Pacheco Aparicio holding a basket of coffee beans.Mexico: Labyrinth of Faith
United Methodist Mission Study

The history of Mexico contains a spiritual history which is complex and largely unknown outside of Mexico. Despite the long border between the two countries, most U.S. citizens know only the Mexico of today's headlines. This study gives a brief political and cultural history of Mexico and gives a portrait of Mexico's history of religion.

Mexico is located between two regions: tropical facing the South and non-tropical facing the North, which divide the Mexican territory in two. In Mexico there are different altitudes superimposed one over the other. The result is a mosaic of contrasts: arid weather, opulent ecosystems and tremendous uniformity of environments, populated areas, small towns, widely dispersed, fertile and arid soil, impressive mountain ranges and soft plains.

Mexico's current population is estimated at 95.7 million. This figure places Mexico 11th worldwide, behind nations as China, India and the United States. Mexico's population growth rate is estimated at 1.9% per annum, relatively low for a developing country.


Children's Study on Mexico

Cartoon showing Jenifa spraying pigs with water with boy and his mother laughing at the scene in the background.See also: Pyramids and Pig Tails: A Children's Study on Mexico
Join Jenifa and her mother as they travel to Mexico, stay with the family of Bolivar and Maria, and learn about Mexico, the culture, the geography, Christ's mission in the country, and so much more. These web pages also include.information for the Amazin' Mexico CD-Rom and "Pyramids and Pig Tails" Comic Book.

Photo Credit: Isidra Pacheo Aparicio is part of CEPCO, a network of coffee producers in Oaxaca, Mexico. CEPCO experiments with new cash and food crops and different methods of raising livestock, trains women in food cultivation and animal husbandry, provides seedlings and livestock to women's projects throughout the countryside, and generates income through the sale of food and animals. Read More About This Project.

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