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Personnel Information Form Instructions

Instructions - Please Read Carefully:
  1. Personnel Information Form | English | Spanish |
    Complete the Personnel Information Form. Please use a typewriter with a Clean Black Ribbon, or a word processor with a Good Quality Printer. For the Skills and Professional Experience Sheet, simply complete and return it along with your other data.

  2. Request transcripts
    • A. From each institution of higher education which has awarded you a degree, request that your official transcript (signed by the registrar and affixed with the raised seal of the institution) be SENT TO YOU in a sealed envelope.
    • B. When you receive the transcript, do NOT open the envelope. Place the sealed envelope(s) containing your transcripts in a large envelope along with your completed Personnel Information Form and references (see 4 below).

  3. Select References
    • A. Select five people to give you a reference.
    • B. Contact each one of those selected and ask for his/her permission to be listed as a reference.
    • C. Prepare the Reference Forms (2 parts)and Cover Letter:
      1. Place your name and the name of the reference person in the appropriate places on each form and each letter.
    • D. Place a completed copy of the cover letter with a reference form and a self-addressed, stamped envelope in a separate envelope which you will provide. Each reference person will complete the confidential form and RETURN IT TO YOU with their signature affixed ACROSS the sealed flap of the envelop.
    • E. When you receive a returned reference, do NOT open the envelope.

  4. Mailing Forms When you have received all transcripts and references, place them unopened in a large envelope along with your completed Personnel Information Form and any other documentation required and mail to the Chairperson of your Conference Committee on Mission Personnel -or- to the address above.

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