The Council of Evangelical Methodist Churches
of Latin America and the Caribbean

CIEMAL, Map, UM Logo

CIEMAL binds together Methodist churches of 19 nations of Latin American and the Caribbean (with two united churches) in vital relationships of mutual support, mission and service.

After nearly a century and a half of primary relationships back to the mother churches of the United States and Great Britain, now for more than a quarter of a century the churches of CIEMAL have proudly claimed their responsibility for the life and mission of Methodism within a broad ecumenical Christian context. While affirming the rich heritage of the past and the creative new connections with partners of United Methodist, Methodist and ecumenical traditions throughout the world, through CIEMAL fresh visions and bold initiatives of witness and mission are emerging for more than 1,400,000 of the people called "Methodist" of this vast continent.

In the words of CIEMAL's president, Bishop Isaias Gutierrez of Chile: "We must dare to walk into the future that our Lord offers in the midst of the great changes happening in our continent."

CIEMAL under the leadership of general secretary Rita Oliva (first woman and layperson to have this responsibility) has named three priorities for mission and ministry, inviting colleague churches and friends from abroad to join through sharing their gifts and prayers:

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