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Welcome to UMC Health and Maternity Center, Kissy, Sierra Leone

The UMC Health and Maternity Center, Kissy lies in an impoverished neighborhood on the eastern side of Freetown, Sierra Leone, located in West Africa. The country is currently rebuilding after 10 years of civil war, which left homes and families destroyed, electric and sewage systems shattered, and the economy very weak. For the poor in the neighborhood of Kissy, Freetown, UMC Health and Maternity Center, Kissy is the only free hospital in the area. Even those who can afford to go to another hospital go to Kissy Center because it is known for quality healthcare.

The residents of Kissy live in extreme poverty, creating a challenging health situation that includes endemic levels of malaria and malnutrition. Often arriving at Kissy Center near-death, the patients usually cannot pay for the lifesaving treatment they need. As a charitable mission hospital, the staff at Kissy Center welcomes and provides healthcare to all who seek it, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay.

Despite these challenges, there is great hope and innovation at Kissy Center. Since the arrival of Medical Director, Dr. Dennis Marke, in 1996, the hospital has improved the level of its staff expertise and service, expanded the facility to include an operating room, and developed critical and inventive community outreach programs to serve the vast need of the Kissy community. However, as the reputation of the hospital has improved, so has the demand for its services.

Resources at Kissy Center are limited; there are often not enough beds to offer to pregnant women who trek to the hospital in labor. Necessary medication, sutures for surgery and basic food such as milk for children in the malnutrition program are in constant demand.

The UMC Health and Maternity Center depends on the support of the United Methodist Church to continue its operations. We encourage you to learn more about Kissy Center, immerse yourself in its community and join us in our mission to care for our brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone. Click here to learn more.

Collage of staff and patients at Kissy.


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