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The United Methodist Church has been responding to the HIV/AIDS crisis since the early 1980s. Needs continue as the pandemic grows. Today we live in a world in which five people die of AIDS every minute and nine people more are infected by HIV. The General Board of Global Ministries has responded to the HIV/AIDS crisis through programs of awareness, care, and support:

  • Awareness: Examples of our work include health education workshops for youth, women, pastors, and lay leaders in United Methodist churches in the United States, Africa, Asia, and Latin America; HIV/AIDS focus papers and World AIDS Day resources.
  • Care: Examples of our work include support of home-based care programs including distribution of the Healthy Homes, Healthy Families Kit in Africa and encouraging congregations to "Covenant to Care" by welcoming people with HIV/AIDS and their loved ones.
  • Support: Examples of our work include undergirding programs for children orphaned by AIDs, such as paying for their school fees and basic necessities, and assisting selected United Methodist Hospitals through a revitalization program.

Paul Dirdak leads and AIDS education exercise in Zimbabwe.

World AIDS Day is December 1. United Methodists are encouraged to observe this event on or near that day. This year’s international theme, “Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise,” relates directly to the eight UN Millennium Goals to “Keep the Promise” to fight the sources of hunger and poverty in our world.

Current HIV/AIDS Ministries News & Updates

*HIV/AIDS Ministries News, General Board of Global Ministries, United Methodist Church.
*Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise, World AIDS Day is traditionally observed December 1. United Methodists are encouraged to observe this event on or near that day. This year’s international theme: “Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise” relates directly to the eight UN Millennium Goals to “Keep the Promise” to fight the sources of hunger and poverty in our world.
*Current News & Updates, the United Methodist Committee on Relief.
*HIV/AIDS Ministries Special Issue, New World Outlook magazine, March-April 2005.
*Major Gift Assures Education for 2,000 AIDS Orphans, UMCOR, June 17, 2004.

Programs and Projects

*AIDS Awareness and Children Impacted by HIV/AIDS in Africa: The project includes supporting educational programs on the disease and its prevention, community care programs for orphaned children, health coordinator training, and distribution of promotional/educational literature.
*AIDS Orphan Trust: The goal of this program is to support community efforts to care for orphans by assisting them with their daily necesities, school fees, and moral and spiritual support..
*A Covenant to Care: A Covenant to Care congregation publicly declares that people with HIV/AIDS and their loved ones are welcome in all facets of the church's life, leadership and ministry.
*Enabling AIDS Ministries in the USA: A fund for development and strengthening of HIV/AIDS ministries by providing grants for education, compassion, and advocacy for persons living with HIV/AIDS.
*Global AIDS Fund: A new opportunity to respond to the global HIV/AIDS pandemic, established by The United Methodist Church in 2004.
*The Mutti AIDS Fund: Proceeds from this fund have gone to HIV/AIDS ministries throughout the United States where they assist in the development of new programs of education, outreach, and direct support while they continue and strengthen vital HIV/AIDS programs relied upon by those infected with and impacted by HIV.

Relief Supplies

*Healthy Homes, Healthy Families Kit: This infection control and basic care kit contains 22 essential supplies needed to take care of an ailing loved one and prevent the spread of infection.

Also of Interest

*Health and Welfare Ministries, General Board of Global Ministries, The United Methodist Church. Health and Welfare Ministries assists United Methodists to become involved globally in health and welfare ministries, which address the critical health needs of children, youth, older adults, persons with physically and mentally challenging conditions, and racial/ethnic communities of color.
*Disability Concerns and The United Methodist Church. Materials on developmental disabilities, mental illness, creative writing by or related to persons with disabilities, and resources in the area of disability ministry for both individuals and faith communities on our web site and email list.

Official United Methodist Statements

*World AIDS Day Observation by The United Methodist Church (General Conference 2004)
*Recognizing and Responding to the Many Faces of AIDS in the USA (General Conference 1996)
*World AIDS Day Observation by The United Methodist Church (General Conference 1996)
*Statement from the HIV/AIDS Consultation (Harare Consultation, June 21-25, 1993)
*The Church and the Global AIDS Epidemic (General Conference 1992)
*A Statement on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, The Council of Bishops, The United Methodist Church (April 20, 1988)
*AIDS and the Healing Ministry of the Church (General Conference 1988).


*Bulletin Inserts
*Zimbabwe: How the Children Hold On in the Midst of the AIDS Pandemic: A new United Methodist program to serve AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children in Zimbabwe.

*Printed and Audiovisual Resources
*AIDS in Africa: Resources about United Methodist ministries, ministries with children, a free DVD, and more.
*AIDS in Asia: News and Background.
*The Black Church and HIV/AIDS: Focus papers, worship resources, and links.
*Computerized AIDS Ministries (CAM): Background about the email discussion group, AIDS memorials, inspiring stories.
*A Generation of Hope: Online video and free DVD about ministries with children in Zimbabwe.
*HIV/AIDS Focus Papers (1989-2001): In depth materials on a variety of AIDS-related subjects.
*Inspiring Stories of People Living with AIDS: Personal stories.
*Twenty Years of AIDS Timeline (1981-2001): Emphasis on United Methodist history.
*World AIDS Day Resources: Facts and figures, UNAIDS resources, worship materials.

*Email Resources
*CAM: Computerized AIDS Ministries: CAM's electronic mailing list is a private and confidential support e-list for persons interested in or involved in HIV/AIDS ministries; persons living with HIV/AIDS; and friends and families of people living with HIV/AIDS.
*UMCOR Hotline: receive the UMCOR Hotline free in your email each time a new one is released - at least once a week.


*World AIDS Day: Each year, World AIDS Day is observed on December 1. United Methodists are encouraged to observe this event on or near that day.


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