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Mission Agency Expresses Concern for People of Honduras

General Board of Global Ministries
The United Methodist Church

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Honduras is in Central America.

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The United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries is deeply concerned for the welfare of the people of Honduras in this time of political uncertainty following the June 28 removal and replacement of President Manuel Zelaya by military action following a dispute with the country’s congress and supreme court.

Honduras is one of the several “mission initiative” areas of the agency, an emphasis that includes not only church development but health and other humanitarian ministries. We currently have six missionaries in Honduras. The country is a part of our United Methodist network of mission volunteer outreach. Teams from outside the country help to build affordable housing, provide health services, and offer educational opportunities.

We pray for peace and stability in Honduras. We are distressed by the events around the removal of a democratically elected head of state. Lawful process is the only guarantee a society has for sustaining systems of justice and fairness, which include religious liberty and opportunities for economic advancement. We join our voice with those of other church and humanitarian organizations in calling for a restoration of democratic processes in Honduras.

In collaboration with our personnel and mission partners, we are closely monitoring the impact of the current situation on the most vulnerable and the poorest of the people. Our work in Honduras is primarily with the rural poor through mission centers related to our 12 congregations scattered throughout the small country. From our Honduran contacts, we have ascertained the following:

  • Our churches were closed on Sunday, June 28, but have reopened and will remain open as places to offer encouragement to people who are uneasy in a time of transition. Some activities are affected by a 9:00 p.m.-to-5:00 a.m. curfew. Most tension is reportedly localized in Tegucigalpa, the capital, and in some parts of San Pedro Sula.
  • Community-based health ministries related to public health facilities and clinics are likely to be in transition until the political situation is clarified; leadership development components of this work, operated by congregations, do not seem affected.
  • Education programs, such as those through Scholarships with a Blessing, a mission partner, are affected by the fact that people are presently being urged to stay at home; long-term affects are not anticipated.
  • A United Methodist Volunteer in Mission (UMVIM) team from the United States visiting Subirana when the political change occurred has not experienced problems. (The General Board of Global Ministries and the Honduras Mission is working with the coordinators of other teams scheduled to go to Honduras to ensure their security in a volatile political environment.)

In many respects, local United Methodists and the missionaries see the situation gradually calming down, barring any other unexpected political or military developments.

The political situation remains unclear; reports vary as to the causes and implications of the ouster of President Zelaya. We ask God to bring peace and wholeness to Honduras and we pledge to remain steadfast in our commitment to pursue God’s mission there.


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Date posted: Jul 02, 2009