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A Mission of Solidarity: Adam Shaw in the Philippines

by Julia Kayser

Adam marches in protest of the big mining industry.
Adam marches in protest of the big mining industry.
Image by: Courtesy of Adam Shaw
Source: Missionary stories

Under a hot and humid December sky, 800 Filipino protesters were marching. Some farmed rice paddies for a living, some fished, and some scraped by in the big cities. Others represented churches, nongovernmental organizations, and political parties. Children and old women walked side by side. But one protestor was conspicuously different from the rest. Not only did he stand head and shoulders above his companions--he had white skin and auburn hair.

Adam Shaw had been in Mindanao for only three short months when he found himself marching 150 kilometers from Digos to Marbel. He came to the Philippines after finishing college and committed to spending the next three years of his life as a Mission Intern for The United Methodist Church. Instead of taking an expensive language class when he arrived, he took three short immersion programs to familiarize himself with problems facing farmers, fisher folk, and the urban poor. Now he found himself protesting an industry that harmed all of them: big mining by foreign companies.

Adam works on educational projects and flood-relief efforts for an organization called Initiatives for Peace. His work has taken him all over the island. In every community, there has been at least one person who spoke enough English for rudimentary conversation. Still, Adam had to connect with most people without any words in common. He soon discovered a local card game that everyone knew how to play. By inviting locals to join him for a game, he realized that he could defeat the language barrier and break the ice. Now he carries four essential items with him always: bottled water, his Bible, toilet paper, and his worn deck of cards. On the march, though, Adam was embarrassed by how much he carried--it was mostly mineral water--while the other protesters marched with only the clothes on their backs.

Along the way, the protesters held rallies in towns and heard speeches from local leaders as more people joined their ranks. By the end, the march would have more than 2,000 protesters. Each evening they gathered for singing, dancing, and cultural presentations. The first night took Adam by surprise: as the only non-Filipino present, he was expected to perform something for the group. His blistered feet protested, but he rose and sang an old Irish folk song called "Fiddler's Green." "They gave me an ovation," Adam says.

In that moment, he didn't know that he would sleep only two hours that night. He didn't know that he would complete 90 kilometers of the march before becoming too exhausted to continue. He didn't know that he would spend New Year's Eve in the hospital fighting an amoeba.

What Adam did know was that his Filipino friends had accepted his gifts of presence and solidarity. These are powerful gifts. He has experienced transformation not only within local communities, but in his own faith. He says that he now experiences "less segregation between spiritual life and daily life." The two must have fallen into step with each other on the march from Digos to Marbel.

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Date posted: Feb 29, 2012