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Hope Is Here!
On-Line Lenten Devotional for Families and Friends in Recovery

by M. B. Coudal

Hope/Healing/Deliverance/Wholeness: SPSARV

Image by: Community and Institutional Ministries

Please share this Lenten Devotional with your family, friends, pastors, and local churches!

This Lent, SPSARV, the Special Program on Substance Abuse and Related Violence (, offers a 2011 devotional, Hope for the Transformation from Addiction to Abundance for the friends, families, and beloved children of God who are challenged by the disease of alcoholism and addiction. Produced by the SPSARV team in partnership with Global Ministries' Mission Communications, this downloadable, free resource is bound to challenge, inspire, and comfort readers.

The 30-page devotional is organized around the themes of hope, health, healing, and wholeness. Each of the 16 featured meditations offers a Bible passage, a story, and questions to reflect upon. The authors share diverse personal, professional, and Christian perspectives on hope in response to the scourge of alcoholism and substance abuse, diseases that strike every stratum of society.

Each devotion acknowledges the struggle for recovery and faith and the difficulty and pain associated with the diseases of addiction. The reflections invite readers to continue on their own journey to be honest and faithful when times are tough.

"Knowing there are others who experience this pain alleviates the lonely, desperate feeling that comes with addiction," says SPSARV program associate and clinical addiction specialist Rev. Cynthia W. Sloan in the book's foreword.

"I commend this study to the whole church and invite churches and leaders to open the door to an honest discussion that may restore abundant life," writes Bishop Larry Goodpaster, president of the Council of Bishops, in the preface of Hope.

"Tears ran from my eyes… One of the themes that I heard over and over in his testimony was: 'You people kept me coming back. You people helped me make it. You people helped me stay sober,'" writes Rev. Trish Archer, one of the contributors. "The church is called to be the friend that gets those in need to Jesus. Sometimes we have to get out of the way, sometimes we have to carry folk, and sometimes we have to be creative with new openings to Jesus."

Contributors to Hope include pastors, bishops, laypeople, family members, friends, alcoholics, recovering drug addicts, and staff members of the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church. Every reader will find someone with whom they can identify in the pages of this easy-to-read and contemporary Lenten devotional.

The resource can be used as a 12-week study or a one-time session, or as a Lenten journey in a women's group, Sunday school class, small group discussion, or solitary morning devotions.

To read or download the online resource Hope, go to:

Hope 2011: Lenten Study (PDF, 29 pp., 1,122 KB)

M.B. Coudal is the staff writer for the General Board of Global Ministries. She is proud to have contributed to this devotional by co-leading, with the Rev. Cynthia Sloan, a creative writing workshop on substance abuse for the staff and friends of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church. Some of the devotions from that creative writing workshop appear in the book, Hope.


Date posted: Feb 25, 2011