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10-Fold Spotlights Young Adult Missionary Joseph Bradley

by Mary Beth Coudal

Schoolchildren with Mission Intern Joseph Bradley in Cambodia
Schoolchildren with Mission Intern Joseph Bradley in Cambodia
Image by: courtesy of Joseph Bradley
Source: Mission Stories
Joseph Bradley is a Mission Intern with the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church, initially serving with the Cambodia Mission Initiative in Southeast Asia.
Joseph Bradley is a Mission Intern with the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church, initially serving with the Cambodia Mission Initiative in Southeast Asia.
Image by: Cassandra M. Zampini
Source: GBGM Mission News

February 7, 2011--On the tenth day of each month, you are invited to join an inspiring conversation with a missionary, executive, or advocate through 10-Fold. This month, Joseph Bradley, a Mission Intern serving in Cambodia, will share his thoughts on religion, health, and working with children in Cambodia.

To get acquainted with Mr. Bradley, visit his personal blog at Originally from Texas, Mr. Bradley writes about the people he meets and his challenges and joys communicating God's love across cultures and countries. He shares his work from a humorous perspective, whether he is discussing various religious traditions or commenting on popular movies like "The Chronicles of Narnia."

To meet Mr. Bradley in real time online, log on to on February 10 th at 9:00 am ET. (The webcast will be rebroadcast at 8:00 pm ET.) You will transform the way you think about United Methodist missionaries, mission work, and the General Board of Global Ministries mission agency. You will be invigorated for your spiritual and Christian journey. (View his video.)

To check out next month's themes and review the hundreds of worship suggestions, curriculum ideas, fascinating articles, useful downloads, and informative videos, link to:

About 10-Fold and The Advance

10-Fold was launched on October 10, 2010. It gained momentum and became an innovative monthly global gathering for friends and members of The United Methodist Church to share their mission stories.

This month's 10-Fold project is supported by The Advance, the designated giving channel of The United Methodist Church. One hundred percent of each financial gift given to The Advance reaches its designated project, of which there are more than one thousand.

For this month's 10-Fold focus, The Advance is partnering with Global Ministries' Mission and Evangelism office of women, children, and families. The work, led by Kimberly Lehmann, uplifts and empowers individuals and communities. In general, the work of Mission and Evangelism supports scholarships, social justice ministries, peace programs, economic-development ministries, and faith-based programs to address systemic injustice.

Global Ministries shares in the work of uplifting women, children, and youth locally and internationally with the largest Christian women's group in the United States, United Methodist Women.

About Mission Interns

Like Joseph Bradley, Mission Interns around the globe are making a difference every day. In 2011, the deadline to apply to become a US-2 or Mission Intern is February 15th. US-2s, aged 20-30, serve for two years in the United States. Mission Interns, also aged 20-30, serve 16 months internationally and 16 months in their home country. Both types of young adult missionary work with United Methodist-related centers in hope-filled places, walking the path of justice, mercy, and love.

Find out how to become or support a young adult missionary at:

About Global Ministries

Global Ministries puts faith into action--living out the call to advocacy,connection, service, action, prayer, and relief from suffering.

Your local church may choose to enter into a multi-year Covenant Relationship with Joseph Bradley,  or other United Methodist missionaries, for ongoing support of their work. For further information, please contact:

The Advance
General Board of Global Ministries
475 Riverside Dr, #350
New York, NY 10115
Phone: 212-870-3718
Fax: 212-870-3775



You can make gifts to support the mission work of Joseph Bradley, by making a donation through The Advance. The Advance is an accountable, designated giving arm of The United Methodist Church that ensures 100% of each gift reaches its intended mission or ministry.

Make a secure gift online: Visit Global Ministries Online Giving

Checks may be written to 'Advance GCFA' and placed in collection plates at United Methodist churches, or mailed directly to:

Advance GCFA,
P.O. Box 9068, GPO,
New York, NY 10087-9068.

Credit card donations may be made by calling
(888) 252-6174.

Please note on your check the name and The Advance Number of the missionary you are supporting:

Joseph Bradley, Advance Number: 13105Z
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Geographic Region: Cambodia
Source: GBGM Mission News

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Date posted: Feb 07, 2011