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Hallelujah Moment from Rural US:
"Move into Retirement"

by Judy Atwood

As I reflect on my years serving as a Rural Worker, Town and Country Worker, and most recently Church and Community Worker, I think of a line from a hymn that has meaning to me, "The Summons."

Will you come and follow me if I but call your name?

When I began in 1964 working for the Board of Missions, I had no idea where life would lead me. After service in Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas, my journey is taking me back to California.

My prayer, as I retire and continue on a different journey, is that somewhere along the way, you have been challenged to be the "you" you can be to further make disciples for Jesus Christ and for the transformation of the world.

As part of this challenge, I hope that you, your church, or group would be in a Covenant Relationship with one of our United Methodist missionaries. Not only will you learn about how the church is in ministry someplace besides your congregation, you will also be supporting the transformation of the world.

"The Summons" ends with this line:

Thus I'll move and live and grow in you and you in me.

Judy Atwood was most recently a Church and Community Worker, a missionary with Global Ministries.

Ways to Support this Ministry

You can support the work of missionaries like Judy Atwood by sharing your gifts with Church and Community Ministries, Advance #982147.

Imagine a movement that mobilizes tens of thousands of people in 10 days. It's called 10-Fold. It unfolds October 10, 2010. Link to: to learn more.

Hallelujah Moments

Celebrations of United Methodist Mission:

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Worship Bridge

The beautiful hymn quoted in this Hallelujah Moment is "The Summons." The music is a traditional Irish folk song with words written by John Bell. It is available in several hymn collections, including The Faith We Sing (#2130).

Sung at a quick tempo, the dance-like melody gains a life of its own. You will find everyone gently swaying in time. Accompany this hymn with guitar, a very light hand drum, and flute or other C instruments playing the melody. To create a quick and easy anthem, consider asking a soloist, small ensemble, or the choir to sing stanzas 1 to 4 as a call to discipleship and service, with the congregation singing stanza 5 as the response.

The Faith We Sing and all Global Praise resources are available from Cokesbury Music Service (1-877-877-8764 or email, from Cokesbury (1-800-672-1789 or, or your local dealer.

"The Summons" by John L. Bell
© 1987, Wild Goose Resource Group,
Iona Community, Scotland
GIA Publications, Inc., exclusive North American agent

A New Chapter

Just as Ms. Atwood is beginning a new chapter in her life, so too is this Hallelujah Moment e-Newsletter.

The Communications staff of Global Ministries would like to thank you for reading about, praying with, and connecting to the missionaries and ministries profiled over the last 10 years of Hallelujah Moments.

More than 1,700 people have read Hallelujah Moments each month. Through a new newsletter, connectNmission, we will continue to send updates on sharing God's action in the world on behalf of The United Methodist Church through the General Board of Global Ministries. You will be receiving this relevant and inspiring newsletter later this month.


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Date posted: Oct 13, 2010