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Singing the World Together: Pakistan

by Rev. Debra Tyree

O Lord Jesus/Pra-bhoo Lay lay; English and Urdu lyrics.

From late July through early August 2010, heavier than usual monsoon rains drenched Pakistan. These heavy rains provoked flash floods that have taken the lives of at least 1,200 Pakistanis. The rains have chased millions from their homes and left thousands stranded and awaiting rescue. As we respond to the disaster through our gifts to UMCOR, we also pray for the communities impacted by these floods.

The refrain to the song, "Probhoo Lay lay mujhay / O Lord Jesus, enfold me" written by Samuel Paul (Pakistan), with an English translation by Shirley Erena Murray (New Zealand), can be used as an antiphon within a pattern of intercessory prayer or sentence prayers. This refrain could also be sung as a response to the Morning Prayer or prayers of confession.

Introduce the refrain by asking the song leader to sing the refrain. Invite the congregation to join the singing as it is repeated. Once the congregation is comfortable singing the refrain, consider adding variety:

  • Add the printed drum pattern to the singing. Continue drumming softly under the intercessions.
  • Add guitar and flute as accompaniment, playing softly under the intercessions.
  • Add simple motions as you sing.
    1. "O Lord Jesus": Sign the word Jesus by touching the tip of the middle finger of your dominant hand into the center of the palm of your other hand. Then touch the tip of the middle finger of your non-dominant hand into the palm of the other hand.
    2. "in your arms": Cross arms across chest.
    3. "from your love": Slowly move hands to your heart and tap it on the word "heart."

When we sing the songs of God's people around the world, we join our prayers with all of God's creation. We join with the people of Pakistan in praying that our Lord Jesus will enfold each of us in his arms, assuring us that we can never be parted from his love.

DOWNLOAD THE REFRAIN Portable Document Format O, Lord Jesus, enfold me (PDF, 1 p., 79 KB)

The refrain is set so it can be printed within the body of your bulletin. Crop the PDF to the desired image size and paste into your document. Alternatively, print a copy of the refrain, then cut and paste/tape it onto your final proof prior to reproducing multiple copies.

NOTE: The stanzas for the song "Probhoo Lay lay mujhay / O Lord Jesus, enfold me" can be found in Global Praise 3, #165.

UMCOR is preparing an initial grant aimed at assisting relief efforts by its partners in Pakistan. Your gift to International Disaster Relief, UMCOR Advance #982450 supports those efforts. Please be sure to note "Pakistan Emergency" with your donation.

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Topic: Global connections Music Focus on Congregational Development
Geographic Region: Pakistan
Source: GBGM Mission News

Date posted: Aug 17, 2010