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Soccer or Seminary? A Young Man's Choice
Juan Antonio Timpson answers the question
Juan Antonio Timpson answers the question
"Why theology and not futbol?"
Perhaps a better question might be
"Why not theology AND futbol?"

Image by: Courtesy Universidad BĂ­blica Latinoamericana

San Jose, Costa Rica, June 23, 2010--Juan Antonio Timpson had a choice to make: Would it be soccer or seminary?

Futbol had played a large part in his life. He loved the game. He had an invitation to play professionally, and he had a letter of acceptance to study theology at the Biblical University of Latin America.

Juan wrote of his dilemma for the newsletter of the ecumenical seminary of which The United Methodist Church is a sponsor. The letter was published while the World Cup of Soccer was being played in South Africa. Juan wrote:

Days ago when I received notice I would be accepted to study theology, there also came the invitation to play professional soccer. I didn't want to be separated from my refuge of soccer ... it has kept me from falling victim to drugs and bad choices; it has given me much happiness and little sadness. It is difficult to separate me from soccer as it has practically been my life since my youth. Soccer has been a sport that has never brought anything bad into my life.

But months ago I began to hear a voice that said, "Do not fear because of your decision, I will not abandon you." That phrase rolled through my mind day and night, and although I didn't understand it, after I received both invitations, I knew the choice I made would mark my future. I believe my decision to study theology was a difficult choice to make.

Playing professional soccer was my dream, it was my all. But I have opted for something very different. I believe there is theology in futbol, just as artists believe there is theology in the things they love, musicians sense theology in music, I know in one form or another, there is theology in soccer as well. I have made a good choice, because in studying theology I will know God. In soccer I have known God. I have no regrets in giving up my dream to study theology. God is pleased with me, because I have chosen well. I have great memories of time with the ball in the field.

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Date posted: Jun 23, 2010