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Hallelujah Moment from South Africa: "I Got Tested for HIV"

by Hannah Hanson

Missionaries Elmira Sellu, Hannah Hanson and others in Africa.
Missionaries Elmira Sellu (far left) and Hannah Hanson (fourth from left).
Image by: Courtesy Hannah Hanson

May 28, 2010

So we all got into a taxi and headed for the clinic in Alberton. After an introduction and some questions, we were asked if we wanted to be tested for HIV. I was actually hoping all of the students regardless of age or material status would get tested.

Some students were tested for the first time. Can you imagine that kind of pressure? Tests always present pressure, and even the things you think you know may not be valid. So I went in the room with the nurse, had my finger pricked, and waited to see the results.

I am a big proponent of accepting testing. I think it keeps people from perpetuating the stigma.

When I came out of the room, I was careful with my facial expressions, because everyone’s status is their own and I didn’t want to affect anyone else’s feelings.

My exit counseling was a little rushed, but the experience gave us all better insight to relate to the people we were meeting in the home based care visits.

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Hannah Hanson is a Mission Intern--a young adult, three-year missionary of The United Methodist Church--who is working as a teacher and farmer at a center for sojourners, SHADE, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

SHADE stands for Sojourners: Help, Advocacy, Development, and Education. SHADE replaces the words "immigrant" and "refugee," with the Biblical word, "sojourner," to endow displaced families and travelers with a sense of dignity as they escape persecution and seek God.

The Alberton health clinic is a ministry of the Alberton Methodist Church.

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Date posted: May 27, 2010