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Hallelujah Moment from Cambodia: "Answered Prayer"

by Martha Parker

Katherine Parker.
Missionary Katherine Parker.
Image by: Richard Lord
Katherine Parker, right, a United Methodist missionary, leads a Bible study in the Cambodian village of Bour.
Katherine Parker, right, a United Methodist missionary, leads a Bible study in the Cambodian village of Bour. Parker works with the Community Health and Agricultural Development program of the Methodist Mission in Cambodia.
Image by: Paul Jeffrey
Source: New World Outlook

May 4, 2010

I don't know how this happened. I only know that when I prayed with a young girl in Cambodia, the prayer was answered.

At the end of the Sunday worship service in rural Kompong Chhang province, the pastor told us that one of the families had lost all hope of help for a 12-year-old daughter who had a heart that was not healthy. As a nurse, I knew she probably had lived with the condition her entire life.

She was tired and weak. This girl had difficulty breathing and her muscles were not well-developed, because she had to rest so much. I could feel a murmur when I placed my hand on her chest, probably something that would have been corrected in early childhood in the US.

The following week, I started teaching the nurses at a hospital in Phnom Penh. I found out from Irene, a missionary nurse, that a team of Methodist missionary heart surgeons from Korea was coming the following week. Repeatedly, we tried to connect the girl to the surgeons. But because of the distance and lack of communication, it wasn't possible.

Weeks passed. We heard the surgeons had come and gone. One day, the pastor called Katherine and me with the joyful report that the girl had returned to the village! She had had open heart surgery and was better!

We drove the three hours to the church that Sunday. And who was there? The girl herself! Her mother arrived by bike at the small bamboo-stilt church, beaming and praising God for the miracle of the surgery.

We asked where she had the surgery. It was at the hospital where the missionary team of heart surgeons had been. Did they do it? No one knew except that the girl now had a heart to provide her a normal life. If I have ever seen a miraculous answer to prayer, this is my witness.

Martha Parker, a community health worker in California, worked as a United Methodist Volunteer in Mission with her daughter, Katherine, a missionary. Irene Mparutsa, too, is a Global Ministries missionary. This story is a summary. To read the full story, go to:

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Date posted: May 04, 2010