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Hallelujah Moment from El Salvador: "The World Is My Parish"

by Jodi L. Cataldo

Two girls sharing one bag of crackers at Vida Nueva Methodist Church in San Salvador.

Image by: Jodi Cataldo
Source: Mission Education

May 15, 2009

One little girl held her bag of snacks protectively, fearing that another child might take one of her crackers. She had been playing hard, working up an appetite. She took out one of the crackers and savored its salty taste in her mouth. Another little girl who had been playing just as hard looked longingly at the bag of snacks the other little girl held tightly.

The two little girls were entertaining themselves in the church during a teacher-training seminar. During this brief interlude, they provided a poignant lesson that summed up for me what it means to be the global church. One little girl had a bag of snacks to tide her over until lunch. The other little girl had none.

As I watched these girls, I was moved by the transformation that took place in the face of the first girl with the crackers as she looked at the face of the girl who had none. She opened her heart, invited the other girl to sit with her, and she then proceeded to share her very precious crackers.

John Wesley made it clear what his ministry meant when he declared, "The world is my parish." He did not see ministry confined to one charge conference, or even to one country. God's love is meant for all. God's resources are meant for all. God's blessings are meant for all. We as participants in God's mission to the world are called to share all that God has to offer—even if that means our crackers.

If the world is our parish, how do we share our resources—our crackers—with the global church? How does that concept really play out? The message of this meaningful moment between the two little girls spoke volumes.

Today Global Ministries is involved in holistic ministry in 13 new mission initiatives—Honduras, Latvia, Lithuania, Eurasia, Central Asia, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Nepal, Mongolia, Cameroon, and Senegal—a ministry of sharing God's love through word and deed.

Ways to Support this Ministry

You can support the work of Global Ministries in new church development by sharing your gifts through The Advance or by designated giving through your local church:

# 400400 — The 400 Fund: Starting New Churches Worldwide. The goal is to create 400 new churches in UMC mission initiatives around the world over the next four years.

The Vida Nueva Methodist Church is part of the Evangelical Methodist Church in El Salvador, where Global Ministries is projecting to promote the planting of churches as part of the 400 Fund.

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Topic: Children Donations Focus on Congregational Development
Geographic Region: El Salvador
Source: Mission Education

Date posted: May 13, 2009