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Hallelujah Moment from Nepal: "The Church on the Rock"

by Jodi Cataldo and Rev. Devi Bhujel

The congregation of a United Methodist Church in Nepal.
The UMC Centre Prayer Group Participants
Image by: Courtesy the Nepal Initiative

February 20, 2009

As the faltering economy grips even the remotest parts of the earth, Nepal does not emerge unscathed. Politically, socially and economically, life is unstable. Even the ability to have a work day often revolves around the presence or absence of electricity. Crime has risen, the inflation rate is soaring, and it seems there is no solution in sight.

Despite all these seemingly insurmountable obstacles, The United Methodist Church in Nepal continues to grow. Not long ago, leaders and members of the UMC came together on a cold, wintry New Year's Eve to thank God and to pray for the future. These Nepalese Christians committed themselves to the Lord and asked God to make them and The United Methodist Church a channel of blessing in Nepal, despite the current economic realities.

Then they celebrated! They celebrated the creation of The United Methodist Church Centre in Nepal. They celebrated the first-ever training event in the Nepal UMC for pastors and leaders. They celebrated the licensing of six Nepalese pastors and the declared candidacy of twelve more. And they celebrated the many activities in the local churches and in the new UMC centre happening now for spiritual growth, community development, and church growth.

They also prayed for the future and their country. Nepal may be in upheaval politically, socially, and economically, but the church not only stands strong but is growing--because it is built on nothing less than the Rock of salvation, Jesus Christ.

Rev. Devi Bhujel is a United Methodist missionary in Kathmandu, Nepal, with responsibilities for church planting, community development, and theological education.

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Date posted: Feb 20, 2009