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Sharing one's all with children in need

by Masuka Maleka

MASUKA MALEKA gives witness of his ministry in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

MASUKA MALEKA gives witness of his ministry in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Beloved, when I cook porridge for children suffering from kwashiorkor and see how change is taking place in their lives, I praise our Lord and Savior . . .. In a local field, I grow beans, ground nuts, sweet potatoes and all I can to uphold my initiative at the nutrition center and to feed street children.

When I teach youngsters about hope in Christ, they take delight in the message I bring and do not want to lose my company. Eighty percent of my daily activities are with young people. When you love children, you have to stay with them and listen as you share.

I assist in caring for girls at the Jamaa Letu orphanage; they have all lost their parents. Among the orphans was five-year-old Rosa. She became sick and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. After consultation it was determined that she needed a blood transfusion. She need type O-positive. Then came the question of who would give the blood. As I was O-positive, I offered myself. She was saved briefly, but died a few days later. We wept bitterly as we took responsibility for claiming the corpse and performing her burial.

My prayer is that God stirs people of good will to take charge of orphan victims of war, who though innocent, die every day of malnutrition and other diseases. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I beseech you to answer the cries of these children in distress.

My hope is in the Lord in whom I have total and unreserved trust–and in God who fulfills the promises of His word. My eyes are on Jesus, the object of my faith. Thus, all my life, I want to work beside the poor and oppressed for the promotion and transformation of humankind—through justice and the witness of the Good News.

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Date posted: Sep 04, 2001