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Hallelujah Moment from Liberia:

Baby Godwin and the Moringa Tree

by Mozart Adevu

Baby Godwin with his grateful mother, Oretha.
Baby Godwin - the "Moringa baby" - with his grateful mother one year after starting on Moringa food supplemements.
Image by: Mozart Adevu
Source: Mission Personnel

Hallelujah Moment from Liberia: Baby Godwin and the Moringa Tree

Seven-month-old Baby Godwin lay motionless in the smoky cottage kitchen of his mother, Oretha, in the village of Duo . The entire village, including Oretha and her husband, Emmanuel, believed that Godwin was under the spell of witchcraft and couldn't live. They had given up on him.

Duo is about a 20-minute walk from the Camphor Mission where I was conducting training on the production and utilization of the Moringa tree. I had gone to Duo on a visit to promote UMCOR's Sustainable Agriculture and Development program when I came across Baby Godwin.

I could see that Godwin was terribly malnourished. I suggested to Oretha that she try feeding him Moringa-enriched food. I gave her some Moringa powder and demonstrated how to add it to the family's food, especially that of Baby Godwin.

Oretha used Moringa faithfully and when I returned to visit again after a few months, Godwin looked very healthy and had even been nicknamed "Moringa baby."

This once unknown tree has now become known as "the tree of life" because of its excellent source of nutrition and energy. With regular consumption, it helps strengthen the immune system and holds great promise for HIV-ravaged and malnourished populations in Africa .

As a result of Godwin's miraculous recovery, the villages around Duo are clamoring for the Moringa seeds and have whole-heartedly become involved in their production.

Godwin's parents now understand that their son was malnourished. Thankful to God, Oretha and Emmanuel have become leading crusaders, telling others about Moringa's nutritional benefits and its miraculous nature.

Mozart Adevu is a Global Ministries missionary serving in Ghana .

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Date posted: Jul 25, 2008