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'Give Ye Them To Eat' Program in Mexico: Urgent Needs

by Terry and Muriel Henderson

Give ye them to Eat, project.
Give Ye Them To Eat
Image by: Adam Neal
Source: Advance
Give ye them eat.
Give Ye Them To Eat
Image by: Adam Neal
Source: Advance

Puebla, Mexico, June 6, 2008--Times are tough! Funding for the "Give Ye Them To Eat" (GYTTE) program has declined by 90 percent. Surplus funds and money from the sale of livestock have kept this outreach program alive over the last few months so that the GYTTE staff could continue to serve the rural poor of south-central Mexico, but those funds are now depleted. Your help is needed immediately!

Of the program areas, the Livestock Distribution program has closed. For the time being, the other areas have continued: Church and Faith Development, Community Development, Agricultural Development, Community and Family Health--"More Than A Bandage," and the A.W.A.R.E. program. But due to the drastic decrease in donations, these programs are being downsized and are in imminent peril.

There is a saying in Mexico: "When the USA catches a cold, Mexico catches pneumonia!" When the situation is difficult in the United States, it is even more so in Mexico! Prices have gone up south of the border just as they have from California to Virginia, but the difference is that people earn a lot less in Mexico. Development programs are needed now more than ever!

Your financial gift is needed so that the GYTTE staff can continue to train people for transformation. With training in the program areas mentioned above, people can help themselves, their family, and community within their own culture and country, making it unnecessary to cross national borders in search of employment. Please help us serve Mexico and her people.

"GIVE YE THEM TO EAT" is an Advance Project of The United Methodist Church. Project name and code number: "Give Ye Them To Eat" Advance #07629A.
For more information, contact GYTTE. Visit the website at or send an e-mail to .

Source: An email from Terry and Muriel Henderson

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Date posted: Jun 10, 2008