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New Mission Brochure Available in Three Languages
The 4 Goals of Mission brochure is available as a PDF download or a print brochure.

Image by: GBGM Administration
The 4 goals of mission brochure is available in English, French, and Portuguese.

Image by: GBGM Administration

A new "4 Goals of Mission" brochure is now available in English, French, and Portuguese. The free resource unfolds in the shape of a cross to emphasize the fourfold responsibilities of the General Board of Global Ministries:

  1. Make disciples of Jesus Christ.

  2. Strengthen, develop, and renew Christian congregations and communities.

  3. Alleviate human suffering.

  4. Seek justice, freedom, and peace.

The brochure gives specific examples of how Global Ministries carries out the goals in representative countries among the 136 where it has personnel, projects, and mission partners. The diversity of these locations ranges from Chile to Kazakhstan, from Sudan to the United States.  The brochure also features dramatic photos of mission:

  • a UM Missionary with a mother and child at the Thiu Rancho project in Cochabamba

  • tsunami survivors at a temporary shelter in Aceh, Indonesia

  • a Hurricane Katrina survivor with UMCOR personnel in New Orleans

Each arm of the cross is devoted to a goal but all are united in a Christ-centered mission vision.

The "4 Goals of Mission" brochure is part of a set of new Global Ministries resources enhanced with a fresh bold look:

  • The "People, Programs, and Projects" mission booklet (stock #530112)

  • The "United Methodist Mission Map" (stock #529487)

  • The focus-areas brochures:

    • "Leaders" (stock #530067)

    • "Churches" (stock #529593)

    • "Health" (stock #530078)

    • "Poverty" (stock #529606)

To order copies of "4 Goals of Mission" from Cokesbury, go to .

English: stock #530170
Portuguese: stock #530148
French: stock #530136

Spanish and Korean versions are forthcoming. Older Korean (stock #529353) and Spanish (stock #529107) versions also exist.

This brochure is also available online as a free download in print-friendly Adobe PDF format:

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Date posted: May 23, 2008